Diamond BarHigh School

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Cheer & Song Take First Place

Saturday, January 23,  our cheer & song teams swept their 3 divisions with 3 first place trophies. Varsity Song competed and advanced in both Pom and Jazz while Varsity Cheer competed in the Show Cheer intermediate division. Both teams qualified for King of the Bleachers and the USA National Competition at Anaheim Convention Center in March. Thanks also to the 30 football players who went to the competition to support the ladies.

Varsity Cheer:

Isabelle Alvarez

Jessica Becerra

Connie Chung

Olivia Chan

Lauren Creager

Alena Glushchenko

Valorie Guevara

Mia Kim

Nicole Martindale

Michelle Mockler

Amanda Molina

Mika Pavy

Deven Prince

Donna Rivera

Brittany Rodriguez

Jessica Ruckwardt

Hannah Song

Cassandra Vasquez

Summer White

Katie Young

Annie Yun


Varsity Song:

Melissa Beltran

Krysten Dorado

Allison Lee

Nadia Mejia

Kylie Motoya

Danielle Ritchie

Nicole Sevillano

Kylie Tromp