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Badminiton Continues To Win

Our badminton team is off to a fine start completing their second straight dominating performance in league.  They destroyed the Nogales Nobles 19-2.  Captains Ryan Sin and Narita Chuenklung remain undefeated on the season.  Freshman Samantha Li is also undefeated in league play.  Senior Pedro Chang is 12-0 in singles this season.


The team plays Westminster at home Friday, March 19.  The match starts at 3:15 p.m.  The Brahmas resume league play Thursday, March 25, at Wilson.

Varsity Badminton



 Baik, Lloyd            12

Chen, Henry           11

Sin, Ryan                12

Chiang, Luke                    11

Chiang, Mark                    12

Lin, Kevin               11

Ma, Alvin               11

Wang, Brian            11

Wong, Ryan            12



Chan, Bonnie         10

Chang, Sandra        12

Chee, Eunice                   12

Chuenklung, Narita12

Hung, Amy             12

Le, Anh                  12

Li, Samantha           9

Markovich, Alexa    11

May, Hayley           11

Zhang, Sherry         12