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Every Things Adds Up For Varsity Math Team

The Varsity Math Team has been busy during these last couple of months of rough and tumble competition.  They competed at Stanford and Cal Tech a few weeks ago, LA City College last week, and Saturday, March 20, they will be at Cal State Long Beach for "Math Day at the Beach"!  Last month 130 students competed in the American Mathematics Competition. Just last week, 17 of those students competed in the 2nd round of that contest called the American Invitational Math Exam.  If they do well enough on that, they would go on to the United States Mathematics Olympiad!  Here are some of the competitors:


David Yang

Brandon Sim

Austin Chen

Katherine Liu

Cathy Liu

Jessica Chen

Sherry Zhang

Chris Lee

Max Hung

Andrew John

Orson Ou

Andre Hsu

Gary Li

Ryan Ma

Curtis Wang

Evelyn Chao