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Our incredible DBHS MATH TEAM competed again Wednesday, October 21, 2020, in MATH MADNESS and had a very close match with Rochelle Zell Jewish High School from Deerfield, IL.
This week was another collaborative round and we had a number of technical difficulties. Despite these obstacles, though, we had a great match.
Halfway through, we were down 15-13 ….. and then it got WORSE and we were DOWN 20-14 with 12 minutes remaining.
With 7 minutes remaining, we were able to pull even at 20-20. Fortunately, they stalled and we didn’t !!!!!
We continued to earn points to eke out a 27-20 VICTORY !!!!! Our top scorers are listed below.
Next week our season “officially” begins with individual play and each match counting towards national rankings.
Regan Song 7
Jason Kim 6
Kaihao Wen 5
Luke Zhou 5
Siwoo Chung 4
Nathan Chu 2
Sumair Malhotra 2
Himansi Gupta 2
Nicholas Chebat 2
Jennifer Cheng 2
Kathy Yun 2
Brian Young 2
Alexander Kuo 2