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Jamie Beeman Hopes To Sing To The Top

By James Wagner, Inland Valley Tribune Staff Writer

DIAMOND BAR - As the head of a Southland music publishing company, Marty Wereski has heard the story of an aspiring singer many times before.

So after he heard Diamond Bar resident Jamie Beeman sing for the first time - when she was 12 - he gave her a challenge: Come back ready to sing "Angel" by artist Sarah McLachlan in the studio. 

Jamie hit the notes of the song - traditionally hard for young singers - so well that it left Wereski stunned.

"I was sitting there listening to 'Angel' and I was almost in tears," said Wereski, president of South Pasadena-based Mar-Tune Music.

Jamie's solo recording career took off from there with Wereski's help.

She released her self-titled album on Feb. 14. The 12-song collection is available on iTunes and CDBaby.com.

Singing is "what I've always dreamed of doing," said Jamie, now 14. "It's what I want to do for the rest of my life."

At 4 years old, Jamie started her music career while performing in a group. As a soloist, she started performing, mostly locally, at 10 years old.

Now, as a high school freshman, Jamie has to juggle her budding musical career with the life of a regular kid. She home studies as part of an independent-study program at Diamond Bar High School.

But she also budgets in time for working out, weekly guitar lessons and twice-weekly vocal classes.

She co-wrote eight of the songs on her album, said her mother, Joy Beeman.

The common theme isn't unexpected: "Boys, phones, drama," Jamie said. 

To record her first record, Jamie traveled back and forth between home and producer Tommy Marolda's Las Vegas studio, her mother said.

Now that the album is out, Beeman and her family are doing all they can to get Jamie ahead. From paying for Jamie's musical career to trying to convince local stores to sell her album, the goal is to land a record deal.

Phyllis Cooprider, Jamie's preschool teacher, spoke glowingly about her.

Jamie sang the national anthem at Dodger Stadium, Cooprider said.

"She's got a talent, for as young as she is," Cooprider said.

And if she gets signed and grabs attention, Jamie said she hopes to become an inspiration for others.