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Math Team Rides The Purple Comet

Our Mu Alpha Theta (Math Association of America's High School Math Honor Society) math team competed Wednesday, April 14, in an worldwide online math competition called Purple Comet (http://purplecomet.org/ ) There are 1476 teams from 26 countries involved in the test. We had 3 teams. They had to work 30 problems in 90 minutes in a team of 6. We'll get the results in a couple of weeks. Here were the 18 participants: Brandon Sim, Gary Li, Cathy Liu, Katherine Liu, David Yang, Sherry Zhang, Chris Lee, Michael Chuang, Shannon Fan, Ray Pang, Orson Ou, Daniel Zhou, John Kim, Kevin Zhang, Alex Chang, Richard Koh, Michelle Koh, Evelyn Chao. Congratulations to all of our math stars including those who competed in the California Math League Contests with their math teachers. (Alcosser)