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GLC Quarterly - Issue # 3

Diamond Bar High School

GLC Quarterly

“Serving the students of Diamond Bar since 1982”


Issue #3                                                                                                 Catherine Real

March/April, 2010                                                                                Assistant Principal





Please encourage your students to keep working hard in the classroom.  A failed class at the end of the semester could cost them graduation, and a drop in past performance could cost them admission to the school of their choice.  Universities have the right to rescind offers of admission if a senior’s grades go down.


Please help your student get to school on time every day.  Attendance is directly related to a student’s performance in the classroom, and your child needs to be in each class in order to do his/her best.  Please do not write notes excusing morning absences due to “over-sleeping” as the state of California does not recognize failure to wake up as an excuse for missing school.



As April begins, our seniors will continue receiving notification of acceptance and, unfortunately, denial letters from the colleges to which they applied.  Be sure to talk to your child so you’re there to congratulate or console. The college admissions process is so complex that no one will really know exactly why a particular student is accepted or denied.  Why dwell on any of that conjecture?  Get excited with your child about where he or she is going to be attending school next fall!  If you haven’t visited each of the campuses you are considering, it is wise to visit prior to acceptance! 




If your student is not attending a four-year university next year, now is the time to continue looking at vocational and junior colleges so you can finalize your plans for next year.   Check out the Summer Bridge Programs at the junior college you plan on attending.  These programs are outstanding and provide the student with a jump start to college!



Regardless of where your student decides to continue his/her education, it is critical that students follow through and complete any and all applications/paperwork for their chosen college.  For example, most universities will need to be notified of your acceptance decision no later than May 1st.  It is the student’s responsibility to meet all deadlines and to be in regular contact with their college.  Entrance/Placement exams, housing information, class scheduling, financial aid will all be important topics for your student.



Students need to monitor their financial aid status.  Submit any requested documents in a timely manner.  Once you know where you will be attending college, you need to contact the financial aid office at that college and confirm your financial-aid status.





If you plan to attend a four-year - college, you should be registering for and taking the SAT.   The Cal State system requires the SAT Reasoning test.  The University of California requires the SAT Reasoning and two SAT Subject Tests.   We encourage students to take the test near the end of their junior year, in March, May, or June, and then again at the beginning of senior year.  The CSU/UC will just take a student’s best score, so we definitely recommend taking the SAT Reasoning Test at least twice and taking more than two subject tests.   Students need to register themselves for these tests online at www.collegeboard.com.  The ACT with writing can also work for the UC/CSU.  Students interested in taking the ACT should go to www.act.org.




Students who have not passed the CAHSEE will be given the exam again on May 11th and 12th.   We will also offer tutoring for the math and English sections sometime in April.  Students will be notified as to the exact dates and time of the tutoring.




A great way to begin narrowing your college choices is by making campus visits.   Many students find that the spring break and summer vacation are good times to go on campus tours.   Most college programs want to get high school students to visit their school so give them a call and arrange to tour those colleges that you are considering.   Review all your options in the Career Center.


Students should be using the College/Career Search process included in the Junior Student/Parent Information Handbook distributed during our August registration meeting.  It is very important to start this process now and to decide what the student is looking for in the college experience!  Remember - finding the university or career that is the “Best Fit” should be your goal. 




If you want to begin exploring your financial-aid options and get an early start on the financial aid process, FAFSA4caster is for you!  By using FAFSA4caster, you and your family will receive an early estimate of eligibility for Federal Student Aid.  This process will educate you on the various types of financial aid available.  Check it out.  www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov.




Remember that four-year-colleges and universities are expecting “C” grades or better in college prep classes.  You must make up any grade that is lower than a “C”.  (Some colleges will accept lower than a “C” in the first semester of certain courses.   See your GLC).   This can be done during summer school or at Mt. SAC.  


Any “F” grade in a graduation requirement such as English or American History will have to be repeated during summer school.   These classes cannot be repeated during the school year.   A “D” grade in English or American History will earn graduation credit, but will not count towards college requirements and will have to be repeated during summer school if you are university bound.




Mrs. Burns is on maternity leave. Mr. Gonzales is the long-term substitute for Mrs. Burns.  He will be working out of Mrs. Burns office at the same extension 594-1405 x33368.





The end of the sophomore year is quickly coming to a close. All students need to give their best effort to finish the grading period strong.  Remember that a student's UC/CSU GPA is based on grades earned in academic classes taken during the tenth and eleventh year.  The 12 week progress report was just mailed home.  If there are any academic classes that are a concern, contact the teacher or GLC for tutoring or intervention information.


This is also a good time for your student to start getting involved with both DBHS extracurricular activities and/or community service projects.  The colleges/universities like to see well-rounded students.  They want to see a student that not only excels academically but is also giving back to their community in some way.  This benefits your student is so many ways.  The impact is found in the many wonderful ways it influences us as human beings.




All four-year colleges and universities are expecting "C" grades or better in college prep classes.  You must make up any academic grade that is lower than a "C".  This can be done during DBHS summer school or at one of the local community colleges.   Any "F" grade in a graduation requirement such as English or History will have to be repeated during DBHS summer school.  These classes cannot be repeated during the school year. A "D" grade in English or History will earn graduation credit, but will not count towards college/university requirements and will have to be repeated during summer school if you are planning on applying to a four-year university.




All summer school information is on the DBHS website.  Please review this site if you are interested in attending summer school. We offer non-tuition and tuition courses.  All tuition courses must be registered for by mail.  Download the application and mail it in between April 12 - April 30, 2010. All non-tuition courses can be signed up for on campus.  Students with a "D" or "F" in a non-tuition course will have priority sign-ups on Tuesday, April 27 in the theater after school.  General registration for all other non-tuition courses will be Wednesday, May 5 in the theater after school.




Cell phones can only be on and used at lunch time.  Ipods and electronic devices are not allowed on campus.  Dress code must be followed.  For a complete list of inappropriate clothing items please see the Student Planner.  Students are expected to have their ID cards with them at all times.  Attendance is very important. If a student is absent a full day or partial day it must be cleared through the attendance office 594-1860.  Students can find Mrs. Auten or Ms. Irving at brunch or lunch if they have questions. An email or phone call can also be made.  Thank you for you continued support in these areas and for the support that you give to your students.




The freshman year is quickly going by. Information about summer school has been distributed to your students and it is also available on our school website at www.dbhs.org.  Twelve-week progress reports were recently mailed home. If you have concerns about grades, please contact your student’s teacher directly so you can get immediate information about the most current progress. Remember that we have several tutoring programs on campus. CSF tutoring is after school in room 232. Math Help schedule is in classrooms and is available before school, at lunch and after school. So don’t hesitate to get help if needed. It is FREE and no appointment is needed.



Your student will need to attend the Lottery on Thursday, May 13th at 3:00 pm in the Gym/Amphitheater area.  At this Lottery, your student will receive his/her appointment date and time for his/her summer GLC/Registration appointment in preparation for the   2010-2011 school year.  Registration appointments will be held from Monday, July 19 through Friday, August 13th.  We meet with each student and the student’s parents during this time and it is very important to have both the student and parent present at the meeting.  Not only will your student receive his/her class schedule for the upcoming school year, their GLC will discuss their academic progress, plans for entering the University system after high school, and review the student’s overall academic and social development.  In addition to meeting with the GLC, each student will receive his/her textbooks, Picture ID card, Student Planner/Handbook and have the opportunity to register for upcoming PSAT programs.  Parents will be able to update their information with DBHS and be able to complete all important documents before the year begins.  Once your student completes this process he/she will be ready to start the new school year!  This is a great opportunity for parents to stay informed and involved in their student’s life here at DBHS.



Dress code must be followed.  For the complete list of inappropriate clothes please see the Student Planner.  Cell phones can only be on and used at lunch onlyIpods and electronic devices are not allowed to be used on campus.  Students are expected to have their ID cards with them at all times.  Attendance is important.  If a student is absent the full day or partial day it must be cleared through the attendance office–594-1860.  The students can leave messages with the GLC secretaries or in the GLC office.  The best way to see your GLC is during Brunch and Lunch when both Mr. Patterson and Mr. Galeener are out on campus with our students!   Thank you for your continued support in these areas and for the support that you give to your students.




D & F Summer Session Registration

Class of 2011       April 26, 2010                        Theater

Class of 2012       April 27, 2010                        Theater

Class of 2013       April 38, 2010                        Theater


Summer Session Registration


Class of 2011       May 4, 2010                           Theater

Class of 2012       May 5, 2010                           Theater

Class of 2013       May 6, 2010                           Theater


Summer Registration Appointment Lottery


Class of 2011       May 11, 2010                         Amphitheater

Class of 2012       May 12, 2010                         Amphitheater

Class of 2013       May 13, 2010                         Amphitheater