Diamond BarHigh School

All schools in the Walnut Valley Unified School District, including DBHS, are scheduled to be closed through Tuesday, May 5, because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Important Message About Summer School

Hello Brahma Parents and Guardians,

Summer School rosters were posted Wednesday, May 26, on our school website, dbhs.org under the “Summer School” tab. If your child has signed up for Summer School, please have them go to the website and verify their class by choosing “class rosters.” They will have access to the rosters (by subject) for all of our summer classes. They will be able to determine who their teacher will be, and what classroom they will need to report to. If your child has already enrolled in Summer School, I would like to encourage all of you to verify this information as soon as possible.

If your child was placed in one of our online classes, please go to dbhs.org, select the “Summer School” page, click “Additional Information” and be sure to read the expectations that have been posted for students taking online SRC and IC3. There is a separate meeting for those classes that will take place prior to summer school.

If your child was unable to get a summer class, there remains one final option for them to add the class.

If the class they’d like to add is a “non-tuition” class, they need to find out which room the class will take place in, and go to see that teacher at the beginning of first day of Summer School, June 14th. If the teacher can add students due to attrition, then they will do so at that time.

If the class they’d like to add is a “tuition class,” then they will need to check in with the attendance office on the morning of June 14th. They will be placed on a wait list at that time, and again, if teachers can add students due to attrition, then they will do so at that time. All appropriate paperwork will be completed prior to the student being placed in class.

In either case, students will be added using the guidelines listed below:


If the number of available seats is less than the number of interested students, then add students in the following order (conduct a lottery/drawing if necessary):

    1. Students who received a D or F in the course
    2. Class of 2011
    3. Class of 2012
    4. Class of 2013
    5. Class of 2014
    6. WVUSD students not attending DBHS
    7. Students outside of WVUSD


Thank you for your time and cooperation.

              Ron Thibodeaux

              Summer School Principal