Diamond BarHigh School

All schools in the Walnut Valley Unified School District, including DBHS, are scheduled to be closed through Tuesday, May 5, because of the COVID-19 pandemic

GLC Message To Parents Of Sophomores

Dear DBHS Class of 2013 Parents,


Welcome Back!  Reminders/Updates etc. from your Grade Level Coordinators:


  • Beginning the week of September 7th your student will be able to join organizations on campus.  During the lunch hour, our clubs and organizations will be out seeking members!
  • Due Process Meeting:  The Grade Level Coordinators met with the entire class of 2013 the second day of school to review our expectations of our students.  Many topics were discussed and reviewed including school rules.  You may view the Power Point Presentation by logging on to www.dbhs.org and going to the Guidance page and clicking on Class of 2013.  Look for Class of 2013 Due Process Presentation.
  • Misc. School Policies:
    • Dress Code:  No Tanks Tops-shirt must be worn underneath a tank top.  Hats-DBHS issued hats only.  No Jacket Hoods to be worn except on rainy days.  Please see the power point presentation for a more complete review of dress code.  Remember-conservative dress is usually a good choice.
    • Electronic Devices:  From 8:00 am to 3:00 pm--Cell Phones are to be powered down-(OFF)- except during the brunch break and lunch break.  All other times the phone should be off.  Using the phone during classroom time is definitely not allowed as it is a disruption!  IPODS, other musical electronic devices are not allowed to be used during school hours, this includes ear buds.
  • Attendance-We need your student here on time every day!  Please encourage your student to practice punctuality during the school day as well.  Absences need to be verified/cleared by parent as soon as you know your student will not be attending school.  Absences may be cleared via the phone at 909-594-1405 ext. 33310 or ext. 33311.  Parent notes turned in when your student returns are accepted; however the phone call is the best way to report your student’s absence the day of the absence!
  • Parent Portal-If you have not already logged on and created your account to be able to access the parent portal and view your student’s academic information, please do so soon!  Use the steps and access code given to you at your GLC registration appointment!
  • Use our website, www.dbhs.org.  You can keep up to date with all of your student’s school activities.  In addition, on the Class of 2013 site you will find many links to assist your student with finding future majors in college, career options, etc.
  • College Night is Monday, September 20th in the DBHS gymnasium starting at 7:00 pm.
  • Encourage your students to keep a watchful eye on their valuables.  Keep book bags on their shoulders, use your book locker-don’t share your locker or combination with others.  We have great kids at our school, but loss and theft unfortunately do occur.
  • Eric Gossett, Operations Manager, is the person to contact if your student is having any problems with his/her book locker.
  • Tutoring:  Math Help is available (Before School, Lunch time and After School-See schedule posted in Math classes), Peer Tutoring for a Fee is also available-See your GLC.  Unfortunately the after-school CSF Tutoring has been canceled due to funds being cut.


Best Wishes--Kevin Patterson & Jack Galeener  (Grade Level Coordinators-Class of 2013)