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Math Team Competed At Pepperdine University

MATH TEAM COMPETED AT PEPPERDINE University on Saturday, October 2, at their annual Math Day. Former Brahma and current Pepperdine Math Professor Tim Lucas was on hand to cheer on the current team of 21. When the chalk dust cleared, your gutsy little Brahma Team placed third in the team competition, and seniors Daniel Zhou placed 3rd and Brandon Sim placed 4th in the individual competition. Both won scholarship money. Others on the team won software, calculators, shirts and books. Their next team competition will be on November 13 at the rugged Cal Tech/Harvey Mudd Math Competition at Harvey Mudd College. (Alcosser)


Chao, Evelyn 11
Chi, Michael 11
Chuang, Michael 12
Fan, Shannon 11
Hung, Jason 11
Jin, Anthony 12
Joe, Joseph 11
John, Andrew 12
Kim, Brandon 12
Kim, John 11
Koh, Michelle 12
Koh, Richard 11
Lam, Tertius 9
Lee, Chris 12
Lee, Daniel 11
Li, Alan 9
Luu, Harrison 12
Ou, Orion 11
Ou, Orson 12
Pang, Ray 12
Perfecto, Sean 12
Sim, Brandon 12
Xue, Dennis 11
Yuen, Catherine 10
Zhang, Kevin 11
Zhou, Daniel 12