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Students Fight The Drought

WVWD Funds Tap n' Go Project - 32% Water Savings at Campus
In honor of Water Awareness Month, Walnut Valley Water District (WVWD) is supporting Diamond Bar High School student efforts to fight the drought. Students in Mr. Kylance Malveaux’s first-period AP Environmental Science class created Tap n’ Go, a sustainability project that will result in 32% water savings in restroom faucet usage campus-wide and provide overall water savings to the entire community.
Students at Diamond Bar High School are on a mission to save water, and with WVWD’s support, they’ll do just that. The executive board of Tap n’ Go, a student-led organization contacted WVWD with the idea of replacing inefficient faucets in two staff bathrooms with water-wise, touchless faucets. The students identified the current faucets as not only wasteful but a concern for public health with the presence of COVID-19 still present.
WVWD provided the funds necessary to complete the first phase of the project and asked the students to take their idea one step further, asking the question, “How much water could be saved if all the faucets on campus were retrofitted?” The project is currently in Phase Two, with Tap n’ Go and WVWD working together to replace an additional 71 faucets on campus.
Phase One of the project was completed on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, with the replacement of four faucets in two different staff bathrooms. WVWD provided Tap n’ Go with $1,700 to cover the cost of the new water-efficient devices, and the Walnut Valley Unified School District’s maintenance staff provided the labor to install the new faucets.
“We’re so proud of and inspired by the Tap n’ Go students,” said Lily Lopez, Director of External Affairs. “This is one example of what creative thinking and leadership looks like when it comes to saving water. The entire state of California is feeling the impact of the drought and the District hopes that more students feel encouraged and empowered to take action in their community to use water wisely. The District will continue to find ways to support the community and we see this as just the beginning.”
Tap n’ Go seeks to build a world in which everyone recognizes the value of water. They hope to inspire further change and guide the world towards a brighter and more resilient future. More information about their water savings efforts can be found on Instagram @tap.n.go.db
More information about Walnut Valley Water District is available at www.wvwd.com. More information about water savings programs and drought resources is available at www.wvwd.com/drought-resources/.