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Stronger Than Hate Challenge

For the second year, Mr. Enriquez's SGVROP Graphic Arts and Multimedia class have been participating in the USC Shoah Foundation's Stronger Than Hate Challenge. Students are tasked to create a video, write a poem, song, blog, or an original piece of art that demonstrate's the chosen medium's potential to create a community that is stronger than hate. Through the Teaching with Testimony website, students were able to explore the origins of hate and explore the curated library of survivors and witnesses of genocide
This year, the culturally diverse class over multiple grade levels, had the opportunity to collaborate with DBHS staff member Peggy Laine. Through an in-depth presentation, students were able to learn about her family's history as survivors of the holocaust, and eventually children of survivors of the holocaust.
Before the speaking engagement with Peggy Laine, students screened material that included material that related to the recent events of the pasts two years, and discussions that lead to topics such as Model Minority and Generational Divide. Through these prompts, students took the opportunity to engage with family members over the above topics and personal experiences with hate.
Mr. Enriquez hopes to continue this for years to come and plans to collaborate with Peggy Laine even further. Below are examples of some of the incredible submissions through a variety of different mediums. Students hope it creates conversation and inspires empathy through the community and beyond!
Alexander Morton-Dyke - 10th Grade - Digital Art
"The aim for my project is to communicate that our eyes are windows to our souls and if everyone were open to their "souls eyes," then we would be able to see beyond all the discriminating factors that society has created."
Brianna Li and Sohan Bondada - 11th Grade - Physical Art
"Our project tackles the misrepresentation of Asian individuals and shows our shared humanity through using the various Asian flags that portray the diversity of Asia and breaks the common notions that being "Asian" refers to specific individuals only."
Brianna Li and Sohan Bondada
Ivy Liu - 12th Grade - Digital Art
"My project is about three current political events/debates, all relating to human rights. By remembering that hate has no place in our society, as well as learning to try to prevent it from happening in the future, I decided to create my project to specifically promote love and acceptance instead of spreading hateful rhetoric."

Elijah Mc Craw - 10th Grade - Poem

"My work explores how people view different events in history driven by hate. I wanted to make a point in my poem and show that if no one stops the hate it will continue."


“Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that,” is what MLK said,

So why is there still so much hate in our heads?

People aren’t born to hate it is always learned,

And makes our wars over race seem like they weren’t earned,

The Holocaust and Asian Hate to name a couple,

And yes, they were all real struggles,

Some still don't believe the stories they are told,

Until reality, all unfolds,

It is important to continue telling the stories,

So that everyone can see the true glory,

Of why hate is inadequate,

Making us an advocate of a more positive world,

Some get jealous of people from a targeted race,

Leaves many with frustration on their face,

Yet they think of ways to retaliate,

Not knowing that they are just fueling more hate,

Vincent Chin’s death was an example of this,

Two white men beat him which the court dismissed,

These are just a couple examples of hate thus,

Change for a better world should start with us


Grace Ramirez - 11th Grade - Digital Art

"By fixing hate, we can figuratively let our society bloom and can beautify our community in a positive light without hazardous hatred living amongst us. This will build empathy within our community and show our shared humanity - that we all are just people that need to work together to combat this issue."



Irene Kim - 12th Grade - Dance Film

"Through my project, I long to emphasize how we as a society must first reach out our hands to those who are hurt and struggling. I hope that my art would open people's eyes to the effects of hate, violence, prejudice, and discrimination. I desire to create a conversation about how we can better care for and comfort victims of hate."



Max Zhu - 11th Grade - Digital Art

"My poster attempts to portray a meaningful and optimistic view of unity and directing justice with individuals' bare hands. I want people to see this poster - whether in a classroom setting or online - and feel empowered to do something, whatever it is, to abolish hate from our world."



Stephanie Tang - 10th Grade - Digital Art

"The USC Shoah Foundation's testimonies allowed me to step into the shoes of countless survivors. In particular, Edouard Bamproiki stated, "I decided, I would try to tell the truth. I would try to ask people to say what they have seen." His words moved me incredibly because being honest about what you've witnessed or done will allow other people to gradually develop understanding and empathy."