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Girls Tennis Team Dominates First Two CIF Rounds

Our girls tennis team dominated the first two rounds of CIF enroute to a quarterfinals matchup Tuesday vs. Arcadia. Last Thursday, November 11, the girls beat Temecula Valley 15-3. They followed that up Saturday, November 13, with a 13-5 victory over St. Lucy's. The quarterfinal matchup will be at Diamond Bar vs. Arcadia on Tuesday, November 23, at 2:00pm.

Alcantara, Erika 11
Chang, Ava 12
Chen, Hsiang-min Iris 11
Chen Joycelyn 10
Chen, Melody 10
Kozan, Monika 10
Krishnan, Padmaja 10
Lee, Jocelyn 11
Lee, Michelle 12
Shavers, Dehavelyn 11
Su, Michelle 12
Takeuchi, Stephanie 12
Wang, Evelyn 9
Zeng Annie Qun 12