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31 Seniors Named National Merit Scholarship Finalists

The Walnut Valley Unified School District is proud to announce that 41 seniors have been named 2011 National Merit Scholarship Finalists. Thirty-one of those students attend Diamond Bar High School.

These students first qualified as semifinalists for the 2011 National Merit Scholarship Program with their outstanding scores, among the highest in the state, on the preliminary SAT last spring. 

The following group has advanced as Finalists by completing detailed applications, meeting high academic standards, and other requirements for scholarships.

Diamond Bar High's 31 National Merit Scholarship Finalists:

Asad Akbany
Ava Chang
Richard J. Che
Johathan Y. Chen
Joyi Chiang
Luke C. Chiang
Ping-Jung G. Chiang
Jacqueline J. Chow
Michael Z. Deng
Triet M. Do
Kenneth J. Han
Alexander Harvey
Amanda Ho
Gabrielle Ho
Matthew Im
Andrew John
Hanbiehn Kim
Michelle L. Koh
Justin H. Kong
Christopher Lee
Jover Lee
Manan P. Shah
Brandon K. Sim
I-Ju Soun
Liang-Kai Stotler
Ivan K. Teh
Emiley F. Tou
Curtis Y. Wang
Samuel Wang
Dennis Yuan
Qun A. Zeng