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Message To Sophomores And Their Parents

Parents of the Class of 2013,


Here are two important announcements for our sophomores in the Class of 2013.  The first announcement is regarding Summer School 2011. The second announcement is about selecting and registering for classes for the Junior school year-2011-2012.


Announcement #1:


Complete Summer School Information is available on the school website, www.dbhs.org.  You will find a complete information packet including the Tuition Course Application.


Class of 2013 Summer School Registration Dates:


Monday, March 28, 2011 @ 3:15 pm in the DBHS Gym-This is the Registration Date for students needing to MAKE-UP a course in which he/she previously earned a (D) or (F).  This date is only for Non-Tuition courses!  Remember, (D) grades earn credit towards high school graduation; however, a (D) grade will not be accepted for admission purposes, (A-G Courses), to a 4-year university and would need to be repeated in order to earn a grade of (C) or higher.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011 @ 3:15 pm in the DBHS Theater-This is the Registration Date for Non-Tuition Courses only.  If you want to take a Non-Tuition Course for the first time this is the registration date!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011-This is the FIRST DATE that students in the Class of 2013 can mail in their Tuition Course applications.  Applications postmarked before April 12th for the Class of 2013 will not be processed.   Applications for Tuition courses must be mailed in to DBHS and not hand delivered during the April 12-April 29th period for the Class of 2013.



Announcement #2:


Class of 2013 Course Selection/Registration for School Year 2011-2012 (Junior Year):

This past week the Grade Level Coordinators have visited all of our students in their English classes to deliver information and news regarding registering for junior-year courses.  Please take the time to review this information with your son or daughter.  The completed Registration Card is DUE next week on the day announced by the GLC.  We have reviewed the procedures for selecting courses and encourage parents to take an active role in reviewing this information with their student.


The 2011-2012 Course Description Booklet that contains all course descriptions, course prerequisites etc. is an ONLINE document this school year.  Students were instructed to visit our school website, www.dbhs.org to view and/or print this document.  It is very important that students qualify for and have met the course prerequisites for the courses they select for next school year.




Kevin Patterson & Jack Galeener

Class of 2013 Grade Level Coordinators