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Robotics Team Coach Reflects Upon National Competition

Team Sprocket returned from the FIRST Robotics World Championships, held the week of April 25th in St. Louis, Missouri.  Although we don’t have a trophy in hand, we should be very proud of our entire robotics team.  Compared to most teams that had many corporate sponsors, mentors, parents, decades of experience, and a travelling machine shop, we scraped by with 1 coach, 3 mentors, 6 students and 1 crate of tools. We have a very talented drive team made of Ayzaan Wahid, Asad Akbany, Brandon Sim, and Chris Lee.  These kids were adaptive and resourceful in making the most out of the robot we had.  Our support group made of Hoi Wong and David Tran was phenomenal.  They ensured the team were prepared as can be for each and every match.  The two mentors, Sarah Ferraro and Johnathan Chai from Harvey Mudd were very dedicated and skipped classes to be with us.  My husband, Howard and I supported the team any way we can from providing food to team reconnaissance and robot repair. 
There were 352 teams broken into 4 divisions.  Although we were a rookie team, we won six of our ten matches, finishing with a record that placed us as the second best rookie team in our championship division and 37th out of 88 teams overall.  We got to play in the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis for the championships and it was an unexpected treat to have the Black Eyed Peas sing at our halftime.  The entire event will be featured on an ABC special airing on August 14th at 7pm.
It has been a phenomenal season that would not have been possible without the people and companies listed below.  Every penny and every minute counted.  You all have my deepest gratitude.

Lynn Wan
2011 Team Sprocket Coach
Team Sprocket
Special Thanks
Brandon Sim
Sarah Ferraro (Mudd)
Clark Rucker
Ayzaan Wahid
Brahma Foundation
James Best
Mike Bromberg
Asad Akbany
Johnathan Chai
David Hong
Chris Lee
Walnut Valley Educational Foundation
Alistair Dobke
Catherine Real
Hoi Wong
Andrew Macrae
Lucy Rau
Anthony Jin
Katherine Anderson
Scott Schutze
David Tran
Walnut Valley Unified School District
Michelle DeRienzo
Nancy Hogg
Curtis Wang
and every Mudd mentor
John Terry
Lavanya Jawaharlal
Dr. David Harris
Latitia Thomas
Shannon Fan
Jeff Rubinstein (Raytheon)
David Towne
Ian Pan
Howard Wan
Nancy Horton
John Kim
Shirin Nikaein
Orson Ou
Rob Glidden
Ray Pang
Richard Media (Robotic Alliance of West Covina)
Rebecca Wu
Kiet Chau
Arthur Teng
All RAWC members – Thanks for regional