Diamond BarHigh School

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Teacher Of The Year Nominees

Each year, the teachers in the three academic departments of Diamond Bar High School name a teacher of the year within their divisions. From those three, the entire staff votes which teacher will be Diamond Bar High School's Teacher of the Year. The winner will be announced during the Staff Appreciation Luncheon put on by our Magnificent Seven parent's organization on Friday, May 20.
This year's nominess are:
DEBORAH CLIFFORD (DIVISION: English, Career Education & The Arts)
• Mrs. Clifford has taught at Diamond Bar for 24 years. Currently, she teaches AP Literature, English 3 Honors, and is in her 5th year as Yearbook advisor and teacher. She is a pillar of experience and strength in the English department. She is as equally comfortable in front of an AP class as she is in front of an ELD 1 class. In addition to teaching, advising, and volunteering for our sports teams, Deborah frequently serves on WASC visiting committees.
• Mrs. Clifford knows that teaching is built upon experience and gives freely of hers to help her colleagues grow professionally. Her WASC experience continues to benefit our successes with the accreditation process. She is a “go-to” person for the “baby teachers,” as she affectionately calls them, and warmly welcomes observers to her classroom. She has been instrumental in implementing the true aim of Professional Learning Communities and works to ensure that all voices are heard in those groups.
• Mrs. Clifford is a dedicated and expert teacher who continues to challenge herself and her colleagues to make all of our students’ experiences relevant and valuable.
PATRICK MURPHY (DIVISION: Health & Humanities)
• Mr. Murphy is currently teaching Civics and World History, but has also taught Psychology, AP Government, and AP US History. He has been teaching for 12 years.
• Mr. Murphy has 13 years of coaching experience and is currently our Varsity Swim Coach. He has also coached as an Assistant Varsity coach, and at the JV level. Patrick has operated the scoreboard during football season for the past ten years.
• Mr. Murphy has been an invaluable asset to DBHS as an Edusoft/Data Director program pilot and trainer. He also served as a WASC focus group leader and PLC curriculum leader for Modern World History and Civics. Patrick also serves as an Intervention counselor for at-risk students.
• And a club advisor. He has been an International Baccalaureate Extended Essay Advisor for several students writing EE papers in history, as well as a mentor to three student teachers focusing on social science and history.
• As a Staff Morale Booster, Mr. Murphy is indispensible. He serves as the Master of Ceremonies for the Brain Bowl and for Homecoming events.
BRIAN WIENCEK (DIVISION: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
• Mr. Wiencek is dedicated to doing what’s right for students and what’s right for mathematics—that is, creating a good balance between making the kids feel good about what they are doing and providing them with enough challenge so they can show growth.
• Mr. Wiencek is extremely conscientious and thorough, two characteristics that he used to develop the Algebra II/Trigonometry Honors curriculum. Brian has led several other teachers through their first year of teaching Algebra II/Trigonometry Honors, and has now successfully passed the course on to a new team of teachers.
• Mr. Wiencek maintains high standards for his students in the classes that he teaches as well as for those on the teams that he coaches.
• Mr. Wiencek has been an integral part of the Brahma coaching staff for 18 years. He has served as the head coach of the cross country team for the past four years, also serving as Hacienda League commissioner this past season. Brian has also served as the head coach of the girls track team. Through his guidance, both of these programs have experienced a huge gain in participation as well as competitive prowess. Brian currently coaches over 70 student athletes in these programs—year round.
• For both Track and Field and Cross Country. Mr. Wiencek organizes the meets, which includes securing parent volunteers, scoring/clerking and timing, ensuring that the meets run smoothly, and serving as the resident human rule book for track.