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Message From The GLCs Of The Class Of 2013

Class of 2013

PSAT-October 15, 2011

PLAN-October 22, 2011


Parents of Class of 2013 Juniors,


We are approaching the PSAT and PLAN tests.  We strongly recommend that if your student is taking one or both of these exams to follow some simple steps.  We believe this is an opportunity for your student to simulate the actual SAT or ACT test he/she will take later on this year.  Follow some simple guidelines such as getting enough rest during the days prior to the test, eating correctly prior to the test, knowing exactly where and when the test is being administered, bringing proper supplies etc.  These are practice tests-so encourage your student to relax and simply do their best!


PSAT-October 15, 2011:  If your student registered for the PSAT to be given here at DBHS on October 15th here are some important details:

·       The middle of next week, the week of October 3rd, any student who registered to take the PSAT on October 15th here at DBHS will receive additional information on the test during their English class.  This information will include what time the student will need to arrive on the morning of the October 15th test.

·       One or two days prior to the October 15th PSAT, your student will need to go to the display windows of the Art classrooms (just inside the DBHS main entrance) to find out what room he/she is assigned to for the PSAT.

·       Keep in mind that the PSAT is a “Practice Test” and the scores will not be used by any university for admission’s purposes.

·       The PSAT when taken during the junior year is also the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test - NMSQT.  Junior students that score in the top 1.5% of all students who take this national PSAT may be considered for possible scholarships. 

·       When your student takes the PSAT please encourage him/her to participate in the Student Search Service-(SSS) program.  Students simply need to complete this section of the PSAT on October 15th to participate.  The (SSS) is the most widely used source for connecting students with colleges and scholarships.  Colleges and scholarship organizations use (SSS) as a primary source for providing students with information about their university, junior college or scholarships.  The (SSS) has nothing to do with the admission’s decision to a university, it is simply a way to provide students with information on universities and programs to ensure that our students find the best “fit” for their future college/university.  If your student was to receive information from a university, please keep in mind that you should not interpret this as anything other than providing your student with information.  It has nothing to do with admissions or “chances” of being admitted.  We would encourage any student who receives information from a university to do further research to find out if they have the proper requirements (grades, courses, test scores) in order to apply and be considered for admission.


PLAN-October 22, 2011:  If your student signed up to take the PLAN (Practice ACT), he /she will receive information on the details of this test the week of October 17th.  This information will include the specific time to arrive for the October 22nd PLAN test and room assignments as well.  Keep in mind that the PLAN is a “practice” test and the scores will not be used for admission’s purposes to any university.


Kevin Patterson

Jack Galeener

Grade Level Coordinators

Class of 2013