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Mock Trial Team Makes It To Top 16

One of our mock trial teams has made it to the quarterfinals.  Out of 70 teams,  they made it to the Top 16. 

The following students will compete in the Top 16 at the Los Angeles County Courthouse Wednesday, November 16.

Saakib Akbany (9)

Kevin Bai (10)

Grace Chang (11)

Deedee Chao (11)

Sarah Cho (11)

Joey Choi (11)

Vyshali Hari(10)

Amanda Harris (11)

Nicholas Hung (12)

Christian Jimenez (12)

Rose Kim (11)

Katlyn Lee  (9)

Emily Leung (9)

Jasmine Samura (12)

Akshay Vehugopalan (9)