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Troy Lanning Recognized By WVUSD Board

Diamond Bar High School senior Troy Lanning was recognized by the Walnut Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees on November 16.

“When we had the first learned that we had the opportunity to honor one of our students I immediately thought of Troy Lanning,” said Principal Catherine Real.

“He is such a great representative of what’s important at Diamond Bar High,” she said.

Troy is a compassionate and strong leader. He is Captain of the football team, leader of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and recently organized an event to feed the homeless with the football team.

His wrestling coach Scott Usher describes Troy as having a quiet confidence that inspires his peers.

Troy is a great example of optimism, determination, and character, said football Coach Ryan Maine.   He was also willing to play a less desirable offensive line position to give the school a better football team.

He is well respected by students and teachers for a level of maturity and all of the efforts he makes. He has a positive attitude and displays good sportsmanship.

Troy is also a great example of balance, a focus at DBHS. He has taken AP Statistics and plans to major in kinesiology, said Real.

He has a wonderful support system with his family, faith, coaches, teachers and a close circle of friends.

I’m not exaggerating when I say, ”he’s a great kid!”

“It is my honor and privilege to thank you on behalf of the Board for being a Super Star at Diamond Bar High School,” said President Cindy Ruiz.


Diamond Bar High School Principal Catherine Real, Troy Lanning, and Board President Cindy Ruiz.