Diamond BarHigh School

All school campuses in the Walnut Valley Unified School District, including DBHS, will be closed through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are transitioning to online instruction.

Sixty-Nine DBHS Students Named To Regional & State Honor Ensembles

Two Diamond Bar High School singers Monique Magpayo and Joseph Yang, under the direction of Patty Breitag, auditioned and were named to the Southern California All-District Honor Choir. Both students performed in the All District Mixed Choir concert in November 2011 at Santa Monica High School. These students also scored high enough to be named to the California All-State Mixed Choir. The 2012 All-State Honor Choirs will convene in Pasadena with rehearsals taking place at Pasadena Presbyterian church or Pasadena First United Methodist Church and the performance on Saturday afternoon, March 24, 2p.m. in the Sanctuary of the Lake Avenue Church.  Diamond Bar High has had choir students named to the All District and All State Choirs every year since 2005.

Instrumental Music Director Steve Acciani reports that 21 Diamond Bar High students were selected for the All State Honor Band and Orchestra that performed on February 19 at the Saroyan Theater in Fresno. Congratulations to Michelle Sung- Flute; Sean Kitiyama, Steve Choi- Clarinet; Ryan Yamishiro, Crystal Lee, Evelyn Na- Bassoon; Jonathan Lee- Alto Saxophone; Jasmine Jan-Tenor Saxophone, Bradley Pavy- Trumpet; Andrew Jan, Brian Jan- French Horn; Pearl Lee, Casey Lam, Andy Leung- Trombone; Sarah Dresser, Andrew Lee, Benji Pun- Percussion, Joy Yi, Stanley Liu, Johnny Wang- Violin; Lucy Chen- Viola.

A total of 46 Diamond Bar High Students were named to the All Southern California Band and Orchestra. This concert was held at the University of Redlands on January 29.  This marks the second highest number from one school to be named to the All-Southern Honor ensemble. Last year DBHS broke the record with the most students!

Congratulations to Michael Cheng, Ayisha Hussian, Michelle Sung-Flute; Sean Kitiyama, Steve Choi, Jefferson Chen, Natasha Cueneco, Junho Suh, Angela Park, Heidi Kang- Clarinet; Jasmine Jan - Tenor Sax; Evelyn Na, Ellen Son, Ryan Yamishiro, Kahala Raphola – Bassoon; Jasmine Hsu, Angie Zhang, Elizabeth Shim - Bass Clarinet; Randy Wang, Bradley Pavy – Trumpet; Andrew Jan, Brian Jan, Janelle Francisco - French Horn; Pearl Lee, Casey Lam, Andy Leung – Trombone; Brian Yu – Tuba; Cindy Liao, Nancy Li, Blake Stavros, Thomas Blanco, Benji Pun, Andy Hsu, Diane Tapit, Andrew Lee – Percussion; Joy Yi, Grace Chen, Vivian Wang, Jeannie Huang, Johnny Wang – Violin; Abigail Choi,Erica Chae, Hannah Roan, Lucy Chen, Irene Kim – Viola;  Josh Chen – Cello.