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Pep Appearing On A TV Near You

The Varsity Song girls of Pep had a great weekend, taking 1st place in the Small Varsity Pom Song Advanced division at the United Spirit Association (USA) National Competition in Anaheim March 30 – April 1!

The competition is being aired on Time Warner Cable, according to the schedule below. Be sure to check out our Brahma’s in action!


Southern California Time Warner Cable customers can watch highlights from
USA Spirit Nationals Finals
on the following dates and times:

Wed 4/11 - 12pm, 10pm
Thu 4/12 – 1am, 8pm
Fri 4/13 – 1am, 8pm
Sat 4/14 – 6am, 7pm
Sun 4/15 – 12am,
11am, 11pm

Greater Los Angeles area customers can watch this program on SoCal Channel 101. In San Diego, tune to Channel 411. And in our Desert Cities, tune to Channel 111.

For additional playback information go to the Time Warner Cable Programming website at www.SoCal101tv.com. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook by searching SoCal101tv.