Diamond BarHigh School

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Sandy Davis Named Teacher Of The Year

English teacher and peer counseling advisor Sandy Davis was chosen as Diamond Bar High School's Teacher of The Year 2011-12.  Each year, the teachers in the three academic departments of Diamond Bar High School name a teacher of the year within their divisions. From those three, the entire staff votes which teacher will be Diamond Bar High School's Teacher of the Year. The winner was announced during the Staff Appreciation Luncheon put on by our Magnificent Seven parent's organization on Friday, April 27.

·         Sandy has taught Civics, History, Leadership, and English in Pathways as well as Peer Counseling and 9th and 12th grade English.

·         Sandy’s commitment extends beyond her classroom as her programs affect the entire student body.  Peer Counseling, DB Forum, as well as a number of other programs she has initiated embody the district vision to serve “every student, every day.”

·         Sandy advocates for the “emotional and academic well-being of the whole student” and school by working with students to establish, maintain, and build a comprehensive Peer Counseling program. 

·         In addition to all of her efforts on campus, Sandy continues to develop as a professional educator and has presented at state-wide conferences in 2005 and 2009 for Career & Technical Education conferences.