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Boys Tennis Competed For Singles & Doubles Titles

Up for grabs Wednesday, May 2, at Walnut High School, the Hacienda League Singles and Doubles tennis titles along with placement in the CIF Individual tournament.

Diamond Bar's three doubles teams were among a very strong line up of twenty-one teams in our league. At the end of the day, Sophomores, Kenny Sakata and Minsong Hsu beat all competitors to capture the 2012 Doubles Championship! To add to the drama, Kenny and Minsong had to play against and defeat fellow teammates, Oscar Chan and Elijah Ang in the finals! Congratulations to both teams for qualifying for CIF. It’s been many years since Diamond Bar won a doubles title.

Singles was just as, if not more dramatic. The top two seeds, Diamond Bar's Steward Yang and Rowland’s Kevin Vuong met, as expected, in the finals. Although Steward won his semi-final match, he unfortunately suffered through a bad case of leg cramps. He did recover. But, Steward’s game was impacted and he wasn’t able to play his best. He finished as runner-up. Still, an outstanding finish.

Fellow teammate and senior Jonathan Fang placed third overall in league. Your Brahmas captured six of the nine All-League honors. Team playoffs begin Wednesday, May 9. Go Brahmas!

                          --- Coach Hamel