Diamond BarHigh School

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Class Officers For 2012-13 Announced

Congratulations to next year's class officers.
The officers for the class of 2016 will be elected in the Fall.

C/O 2015

President: Daniel Chai

Vice President: Colleen Sum

Secretary/Treasurer: Kyu Seo Ahn

Social Chairperson: Ruben Reyes

Historian: Joren Francisco


C/0 2014

President: Irene Na

Vice President: Aaron Oh

Secretary/Treasurer: Phillip Lee

Social Chairperson: Sumin Rhee

Historian: Benson Rong


C/0 2013

President: Becky Hsu

Vice President: Amani Alameddin

Secretary/Treasurer: Heather Kim

Social Chairperson: Priscilla Tu

Historian: Debbie Pan