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Brahma Tech Students Do Well As Boeing Interns

This summer,  Brahma Tech interns raised the bar at The Boeing Company by scoring higher than most of their peers in their performance evaluations. Eleven high schools and approximately 50 students participated in the 150 hour internship program. Interns are paired with a mentor who assigns and supervises work in many areas of engineering. These students are challenged to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom and gain hands on experience working in labs, conducting research, learning to operate complex equipment and systems, programming, networking, and much more. 

Please congratulate Johnathan Mah, Jonathan Tau, Favian Ho, James Freret, and Christopher Chen for their outstanding evaluations and great reviews. These young men have been paving the way for very successful careers.

Alina Gallardo
STEM Teacher
Brahma Tech Academy Coordinator

ATTACHMENT: Copy of The Boeing Company newsletter featuring this summer’s interns.