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Girls Tennis Team Wins 1st Round Of CIF



Girls Tennis won their first round of CIF against Valencia, Placentia Wednesday, October 31.  The score was 10-8


They will play the second CIF round Friday, November 2, at home vs. Arcadia at 2:00 pm


Jocelyn Chen                                     12                                          
Kimberly Chen                                  10                                          
Melody Chen                                     12                                            
Amberly Cheng                                 10                                          
Samantha Cho                                   9                                             
Danielle Foley                                    12                                          
Iris Hsieh                                             11                                          
Padmaja Krishman                            12                                          
Sylvia Lin                                             11                                          
Karrie Tran                                          10                                          
Evelyn Wang                                      11                                          
Ashley Yeh                                          10                                          
Jasmine Zang                                     11