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Scholarship and College Information

November, 2012



·         The UC Application Workshop will be held Tuesday, November 6th at 7:00 pm in the Theater.  This is a great opportunity to go over the application in detail and have all your questions answered by a UC Admissions Representative.  We strongly suggest that you wait submit your application until after you have attended this informative workshop.

·         Online applications are now open for both the CSU at www.csumentor.edu and UC at www.universityofcalifornia.edu.  You can work on applications and submit any time within the month of November, but, again, we always recommend submitting before Thanksgiving.  Students who wait until the November 30th deadline run the risk of something going wrong and missing the chance to apply to the UC or CSU.  They don’t give second chances.  Put down the cranberry sauce and fill out that application!

·         The Personal Statement is a great way to show the UC more of who you are.  You don’t need to list your academic achievements because those are evident in your transcript, and you don’t need to itemize your extracurricular experiences because those are listed in another part of the application.  Take your time, revise and proofread, and above all, be honest and sincere in your response.  Don’t waste time trying to write what you think someone wants to read, and don’t get too overwhelmed trying to follow someone else’s rules for these essays.  If you truthfully share thoughts about your world and your life experiences, you’ll provide the UC admissions counselors with exactly what they want – a better sense of the person behind the application. 

·         ELC or Eligibility in Local Context is a program from the UC which guarantees the Top 9% of every high school’s graduating class admission into the UC System.  While these students are offered a spot in the UC System, there is absolutely no guarantee of an offer of admission from any particular UC school.  The UC sent a letter to approximately the Top 15% of our senior class in September or October, and ELC status will be determined using self-reported grades after students submit their applications.  Students can log in on the My UC Application website about six weeks after they have submitted their applications to view their ELC status.

·         You do NOT need to send official transcripts to the UC or CSU.  You only need to send one to the school you’ll be attending, and that isn’t sent until after graduation.

·         Foreign Transcripts – If you transferred in the last three years to DBHS from a school outside of the country, the UC’s will need to have your official transcript from your former school. It may take a while to get them so they suggest that you begin ordering them now.

·         Choose a major that’s right for you.  Even if it’s an impacted major, if that’s truly what you want to study, you should apply to that major.  A UC admissions counselor said at this year’s UC Conference, “There’s no secret way to get in like choosing an easier major.  If you are admitted as a less selective major and try to transfer to an impacted major, you probably won’t be able to transfer unless you’re a great student.  And if you were a great student, you should have applied directly to that impacted major anyway.”  While it’s good to apply to the major of your dreams, many universities encourage you to list an alternative major as well.



·         SAT and ACT scores need to be sent directly to all schools to which you are applying through www.collegboard.org or www.act.org respectively.  DBHS does NOT send any scores. 

·         December scores can be rushed to schools for a fee.  If the schools to which you are applying say they’ll accept December scores, you should be fine with the regular process, but you’ll probably feel better if you rush them.  San Jose State, San Diego State, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo have stated they are NOT accepting December SAT scores.

·         Your SAT/ACT score is just one of many pieces that admissions officers consider when looking at your application.  If you’re disappointed with your scores, remember that they won’t necessarily hold you back from your goals.  As many admissions officers acknowledge, what you’ve done in the classroom for three years is a much better indicator of your success on a college campus than what you did in a three hour test.  You did your best, and now you need to move on and finish well in the classroom.


·         Do NOT send reminders to your GLC’s or teachers about deadlines for letters of recommendation.  Worry about your own deadlines and make sure your pieces to your applications are turned in on time, and trust your GLC’s and teachers to take care of their parts.

·         Transcripts are sent with the School Report.  If you asked your GLC to fill out the School Report and a letter of recommendation for a school, you don’t need to request transcripts from the registrar for that school.  If you have any questions, contact your GLC.



·         The Financial Aid Workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 4th at 6:00 in the Theater.  This informative evening will help you understand how the financial aid process works and how you’re going to pay for school.

·         You never know what kind of financial aid package you’ll be offered from each school that accepts you.  After you’re accepted, each school will look at your financial information from the FAFSA (more on this whole process in next month’s bulletin) and their financial aid office will tell you what they can offer you.  Sometimes schools can offer much more than you would guess, so we always tell students to apply to the schools they love and hope for the best. 

·         CSS (College Scholarship Service) Profile – Don’t forget the CSS Profile mentioned in last month’s bulletin - this is a form provided by College Board for high school seniors who are looking for financial aid, and it’s required by many private colleges and universities.  The UC and CSU systems use only the FAFSA (more info on that later) and don’t need it, but several private schools want this form prior to the FAFSA to determine the level of financial aid they will offer you.  The CSS Profile is available beginning October 1st at https://profileonline.collegeboard.org/prf/index.jsp, and the sooner you fill it out the better.


ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)

·         The ASVAB Test will be offered on Thursday, November 15th.  The ASVAB “measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military,” but taking the test does not in any way sign you up for the military.  Many students take the test to get an idea of potential careers and majors they may pursue outside of the military.  Interested students should sign up with Mrs. Carson in the Career Center or email her at mcarson@wvusd.k12.ca.us.



·         The following students just missed the cut-off index selection score on the PSAT to qualify as National Merit Semifinalists.  They have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program as Commended Students.  Congratulations to:

Erica Chae

Harrison Chang

Joanna Chang

Jungsoo Chang

Lea Chang

Michelle Chang

Joshua Chen

Michelle Cheng

Jimmy Cheung

Sarah Cho

Rebecca Chou

Chanel Chu

Byron Hsu

Jocelyn Hsu

Victoria Huang

Esther Jahng

Irene Jeon

Irene Jiang

Henry Kang

Ryan Kha

Tiffany Khuu

Chanyoung Kim

Jay Kim

Jennifer Kim

Kristen Kim

Michelle Kim

Rose Kim

Tiffany Kim

Kevin Kuo

Kuei-Lun Lan

Andrew Lee

Jonathan Lee

Katharine Lee

Nathan Li

Richard Liang

Jennifer Lim

Shelly Lim

Andie Lin

Andrew Lin

Vincent Liu

Jacqueline Lu

Connie Ma

Gwyneth Mallari

Samantha Munoz

Hasan Muqri

Sowbhagya Nalla

Russell Niu

Suhyun Oh

Udodiri Okwandu

Lauren Pak

Sara Pak

Helen Park

Joohwan Park

William Park

Audrey Phone

Shirley Shaw

Angie Shu

Xuemeng Sun

Tracy Tan

Kevin Tang

Connie Tsai

Brian Wang

Chungning Wang

Randy Wang

Sharon Wang

Gabriela Wantah

Hoi Wong

Richard Wu

Cindy Xia

Shannon Xie

Adrienna Yan

Jinyoung Yoo

Justin Young

Franklin Yu

Connie Yuan

Cecilia Zhao


·         Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project Conference – This conference offers groups workshops on leadership development, cultural identity and awareness and public speaking skills. Students participate in mock legislative sessions, learn about higher education opportunities and take part in various social activities. This is a four day conference in Sacramento 3/21-24/13. All travel, lodging and meals will be covered.  For application forms go to www.apylp.org.  Applications must be postmarked no later than November 19th, 2012.

·         US Bank Scholarships – This is in effect a lottery.  Register online and have a chance at winning one of 40 $1000 scholarships selected at random.  Register at www.usbank.com/student-lending/scholarship.html by March 31st, 2013.

·         National Security Agency – Stokes Educational Scholarship – This is a very unique scholarship.  Scholarship winners receive tuition and mandatory fees paid to the college of their choice, reimbursement for books, and a year-round salary.  In exchange, Stokes recipients work summers for the NSA, and upon graduation agree to work for the NSA for at least 1 ½ times the length of study.  Apply at www.NSA.gov by November 15th, 2012.

·         California Association of Collectors – This scholarship is based on an application and an essay on the “importance of establishing and maintaining good financial credit during your college years.”  Awards are $2500 for first place, $2000 for second, and $1500 for third place.  See Mr. Desmond for an application.  Applications must be postmarked no later than January 15th, 2013.

·         Boston University Trustee Scholarship – Each winning scholar receives a renewable scholarship covering full undergraduate tuition plus orientation and undergraduate student fees for four years.  Essays and applications must be submitted by December 1, 2012 at www.bu.edu/admissions/trustee.  A nomination form is also required by 12/1/12 so see Mr. Desmond by 11/16 if you are applying for this scholarship.

·         Cal State Long Beach President’s Scholars Program – This is a tough one to qualify for – students must be either ranked #1 in their class, National Merit Semifinalists, National Achievement Program Semifinalists, or National Hispanic Recognition Scholars.  Recipients are awarded full tuition and fees, priority registration, meal plan, book allowance, and even parking.  To apply, you must submit an application to CSULB by November 30th, 2012 and submit a President’s Scholar application at www.csulb.edu/presidents_scholars/student_application by January 2nd, 2013.

·         Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship – This scholarship provides up to $7,500 a year for four years to attend a university!  Applicants must be “minority high school seniors,” who show leadership potential, demonstrate a dedication to community service, present evidence of financial need, and have a minimum SAT of 1,000 (math and reading).  For more information and applications, go to www.JackieRobinson.org.  Applications must be submitted online by February 15th, 2013.

·         GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship – “Exceptional student leaders” are invited to apply for this scholarship honoring the legacy of President Ronald Reagan.  The program awards up to 20 college bound students with $10,000 renewable scholarships (up to $40,000 per recipient).  For more information and applications, go to  www.reaganfoundation.org/scholarships.  Applications must be submitted online by January 10th, 2013.

·         Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship – The RMHC scholarship program features four separate scholarships, including awards for students with at least one parent of Asian-Pacific heritage, African-American heritage, or Hispanic/Latino heritage.  For more information, go to http://rmhc.org/what-we-do/rmhc-u-s-scholarships/.  Application deadline is December 20th, 2012.

·         Futuro Con Leche Scholarship – The got milk? Futuro Con Leche scholarships are in the amount of $4,000 and are available to Hispanic seniors who have at least a 3.0 GPA and are eligible to receive a Pell grant.  To apply, go to www.hsf.net/FuturoConLeche.  Application deadline is December 15th, 2012.

·         Miss any scholarships from the last Senior Bulletin?  Go to the Guidance Office – all past scholarships will remain on display until their deadlines have passed.

·         Don’t forget that you can research scholarships on your own!

o    www.fastweb.com

o    www.collegeboard.org/pay

o    www.finaid.org

o   www.scholarshiphelp.org

o    www.collegenet.com/mach25

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