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Senior Annemarie Branks Crowned Miss Diamond Bar

Congratulations to Annemarie Branks as the new

2013 Miss Diamond Bar!

On Sunday, March 17, 2013, the new Miss Diamond Bar and her court were selected from 9 contestants.  18-year-old Annemarie Branks, a senior at Diamond Bar High School, stood out among the contestants and won the crown for Miss Diamond Bar 2013.  Accompanying her on the 2013 court are 4 Princesses:

- Melina Di Palma: 16-year-old junior at Diamond Bar High School
- Danielle Ritchie: 18-year-old senior at Diamond Bar High School

- Chika Udengwu: 16-year-old junior at Diamond Ranch High School

- Serena Avila-Mott: 25-year-old Quality Management Coordinator and Clinical Care Extender intern with Citrus Valley Health Partners

The 9 contestants went through 6 weeks of training, prior to the pageant, on Interview skills, Professional Modeling sessions, makeup sessions, and fitness trainings.  In addition, all participated in a successful fashion show and a car wash fundraisers.  On Sunday, in addition to the court, the following scholarships were also awarded:

- Miss MVP: Serena Avila-Mott
- Miss Congeniality: Vivian Li, 16-year-old junior at DBHS
- Best Smile: Bria Smith, 16-year-old junior at DRHS
- Miss Photogenic: Melina Di Palma, 16-year-old junior at DBHS

Miss Diamond Bar Pageant Inc. would like to congratulate all the rest of the 2013 contestants for their commitment leading up to the pageant and their phenomenal performance at the pageant:

- Taylor Kalinowski, 16-year-old junior at DBHS
- Joann Liang, 20-year-old sophomore at Irvine Valley College

Miss Diamond Bar and her court of 4 princesses will start community service activities immediately following the pageant, and throughout the coming year in over 50 events.  All 5 of them will receive scholarships for their services in representing the City of Diamond Bar.