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Teacher Of The Year Nominees Announced

Each year, the teachers in the three academic divisions of Diamond Bar High School name a teacher of the year within their divisions. From those three, the entire staff votes which teacher will be Diamond Bar High School's Teacher of the Year. The winner will be announced during the Staff Appreciation Luncheon put on by our Magnificent Seven parent's organization. 

This year's nominees are:

Steve Acciani is the ECEA division’s nominee.

  • Steve Acciani has taught and coached in WVUSD for 24 years.  6 of those years have been at Diamond Bar High School.
  • He is the consummate team player.  He lends a hand to EVERYONE who asks and recognizes the importance of balancing our school's dedication to the four A's.  He has made it a priority that the music program support Athletics, Academics, Activities and the Arts.  Where HAVEN'T you seen a group of his kids performing?
  • He directs one of the largest, programs on DBHS's campus.  This year alone, there are over 600 students taking some type of music instruction.  Until recently, he was teaching these classes almost single-handedly.
  • He founded and has tirelessly raised funding for the Performing Arts Academy.  Because of his efforts, students benefit from top tier music instruction.
  • Every year, Mr. Acciani's students are recognized as top musicians in the state, region, and nation.  Additionally, more and more students are choosing to continue their music education at the post-secondary level.  And, even if a student isn't pursuing a music major, Steve still volunteers his time and resources to help kids reach their destinations.
  • He student taught in 1988 and coached football, basketball and baseball form 1990 to 2003


Teresa Hebert is the STEM division’s nominee.

·       She is always trying to create innovative lessons that will engage her students.

·       She is constantly available to her students to support them with extra help, club advising, and emotional support. You will often see her on campus early and staying well after school is out.

·       She dedicates an incredible amount of time coaching the Science Olympiad Team and advising the Red Cross Club, and she truly enjoys both activities.

·       She is always willing to help a colleague or a student.

Emily Clark is the Health & Humanities division’s nominee.

·      AP Euro teacher

o   -grew the program from approximately 30 students per year to 160 next year (with a waiting list of 50)

o   -100% of students who have taken the class have taken the AP Euro Exam

o   -continues to attend AP conferences to improve curriculum and student achievement

o   -uses Blackboard and other technology to improve student accessibility to curriculum and increase communication between myself and students

·      IB SL and HL History teacher

o   -developed the history curriculum for the IB Program

o   -Teaches a combined SL/HL class that includes American History (SL), History of the Americas (HL), and Twentieth Century Topics (SL and HL)

·      Class Advisor

o   -greatest class ever:  2011

o   -newest greatest class ever:  2015

·      BTSA Support Provider for 10 years

o   -Support Provider for 5 of our current SS teachers

o   mentor for other Social Science teachers

·      Currently working with Lindsay Arnold to develop a more integrated program between AP Euro and APUSH, with the goal for students to see Social Science AP classes as a three year program (Euro-US-Econ/Civics), with each year building upon the knowledge and skills learned previously

·      Quotes from colleagues:

o   “She is the best teacher I’ve ever met.”

o   “I am constantly in awe of how hard she works for her students.”