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SENIORS: College Update

Class of 2013 Parents and Students,


Many of our senior students have recently received news of admission to universities applied to back In the fall.  We wanted to remind you of a few things that students must keep in mind or follow up on these next few weeks with universities and also junior colleges.


Admission Decisions:  Please keep in mind that it is wonderful when a university recognizes your hard work and offers you admission to their school-enjoy this.  We realize that it is also disappointing for students and families when a school does not accept you, but please keep in mind that many factors go into an admission’s decision.  Don’t try to figure out why or why not-instead focus on the universities who have accepted you and focus on making the best decision on where you, the student, would like to study for the next 4-5 years and what school is the “best fit” for YOU!


Statement of Intent to Register:  Students accepted to a 4-year university must submit an SIR-(Statement of Intent to Register).  Most universities have a May 1, 2013 deadline for submission of the SIR; however, please verify with your chosen school the correct date.  If you miss the date for your chosen school you will lose your admission to that school.


Waiting Lists for Universities:  These waiting lists are simply a “waiting list”.  There is absolutely no guarantee your name will be selected from a waiting list and subsequently offered admission.  Don’t wait around for a waiting list and fail to submit an SIR to a university-submit an SIR.    If your name is selected from a waiting list and you prefer that university you may cancel your submitted SIR (there will probably be a loss of $$deposit$$).


Submitting an Appeal:  If a student chooses to appeal a rejection from a university, he/she must keep in mind that there should be a “valid reason” for an appeal.  If you simply want the university to look at your application again-this is not a “valid reason” for an appeal.  The university has spent 3-4 months reviewing applications and they have carefully made their admission decisions.  Only appeal if you are informing the university of information that is being added to your application; for example, information or events that have taken place since your initial application submission. 


Assessment Exams:  Most universities and junior colleges require students to take assessment exams which help place students in the appropriate courses at the university or junior college.  In some cases, students may be exempt from these assessment exams.  Students should ensure that they take the correct exam in a timely manner.  Failure to take these exams will negatively impact registering for your college courses.  Check your application account with the school you will be attending.


Check your Emails/Application Accounts:  Once a student has decided which school to attend it is now very important to follow up on all requests from the school via email, regular mail etc.  These requests could be to take assessment exams, submit housing requests/down payments, schedule orientation dates etc. 


Financial Aid/Scholarships:  It is very important that students make contact with the financial aid office of the university or junior college he/she will be attending.  Please follow up on all requests for financial aid information in a timely manner.  Building a good relationship with your financial aid counselor at your future school is always a good idea!


Junior College:  Many of our students have started and are well on their way with the application process to a two-year junior college.  If you are planning on starting your college experience at a junior college you should contact the college via their website and submit your application if not already done.  We encourage our junior-college bound students to become involved in any orientation/bridge programs for first-time freshman!


Kevin Patterson & Jack Galeener

Grade Level Coordinators

Class of 2013