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Seniors Win Powder Puff Football Game

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The Class of 2013 had one thing on their mind: REDEMPTION. After losing last year's Powder Puff game on the last play of the game (hail mary pass), the Seniors were LOCKETT (locked) and loaded. The Class of 2013 was led by Tatum Lockett and Angela Schmidt. Lockett started the game off with some crucial flag pulls and a 30 yard touchdown run down the sideline. With the Juniors on the ropes, Offensive Coordinator, Matt Carrillo, dialed up a double pass from Taylor Yada to Angela Schmidt that went for 25 yards and gave the Seniors a 21-0 lead. The Juniors tried to put some points on the scoreboard before half, but Nathaly Rader and Tyler Hunt made some crucial flag pulls to keep the Class of 2014 scoreless at the half.

Head Coach of the Juniors, Chris Torres, gave a motivational speech at the half and it worked! The Juniors sustained a strong drive capped off with a Leah Kolek rushing touchdown and a 2 point conversion to close the lead to 33-8. The momentum looked like it was turning when the Juniors began to step it up on defense with crucial stops by Sabrina Corpus and Hayley Doon. The Class of 2014 could not capitalize on offense and the momentum slowly fizzled away when Angela Schmidt had an interception and returned it to the 25 yard line. The next drive Schmidt jumped over 2 defenders and caught a touchdown pass from Carina Rubacalva to ice the game. In the 4th quarter, the Seniors relied on running back Kylie Montoya for some crucial first downs and to run the clock out. A final touchdown by Tatum Lockett put the game to bed as the Class of 2013 went out with a dominating victory, 45-8.

Head Coach, Joey Fontana, who had his spleen removed 48 hours before kick off, showed up with a cane and had this to say, "It was a long week for me and my girls. We came together and wanted to put this game away early and not let the Juniors think they stood a chance. I think we accomplished that. Now excuse me, but I need to go lay down. My doctors told me not to show up ..Please don't tell them I was here."

Tatum Lockett who literally put the team on her back said, "The Seniors knew we had to get the job done. I am glad I was able to contribute and help my team win. Our defense was solid and deserved more credit. The refs could improve their calls, but we will take it."

Head Coach of the Juniors, Chris Torres, was disappointed after the game, but said "Although it wasn't the result we were looking for, we still have one more year to redeem ourselves. We need to watch some film, make some adjustments, and come out victorious over the Class of 2015."

Game Notes:
•Tatum Lockett scored the most touchdowns in single game Powder Puff History (5 TD's)

•Angela Schmidt had a rushing TD, Interception, and a reception TD.

•Brittany Lorenzana sustained a concussion during the game. She is doing fine and is expected to have a full recovery.

•Senior Head Coach, Joey Fontana, had his spleen removed on Wednesday Morning after a cyst caused it to rupture. He is expected to have a full recovery. 

•Junior Sabrina Corpus was seen berating the officials after the game for "unfair calls". Her behavior is being investigated by the PPFL (Powder Puff Football League)

•This Powder Puff game had the most fans in attendance than the previous 2 years because of the 6:00 pm start time.

•The Class of 2013 holds the record for most points in a game (45) and holding an opponent to fewest points in a game (8).