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Chaparral Students Prepare For High School

Chaparral Middle School's Career & College Seminar visited Diamond Bar High School for its culminating activity of the school year on May 9.


This is the seminar's inaugural year and is the result of collaboration between Chaparral Language Arts Teacher Jennifer Flannigan and DBHS Career Center Technician Margaret Carson.  


The two educators have been working with a select group of 7th graders who are already preparing for high school, college and career opportunities.


During the visit, the students sat in on woodshop and graphics production lectures.  In these classes they met and worked with the high school students.


The Chaparral students participated in a hands-on screen printing lesson and worked with a CNC machine (computer numerical controlled router).  


“Seeing these students engaged in the two classes we visited was amazing. Any time we can connect real world opportunities, we are doing something right,” Flannigan said.


The goal has been to let these students know that “one size does not fit all,” she explained.


“As long as you are passionate about something and motivated enough to see it through - you can strive to achieve just about anything,” said Flannigan.


The group also toured the College and Career Center and tasted the DBHS Kitchen's world famous chocolate chip cookies.



  1. Chaparral student Elisha Eide gets ready for the graphics class demonstration at Diamond Bar High. 
  2. Students watched a screen print demonstration.
  3. DBHS juniors Lauren Prell and Desiree Kua show the Chaparral students a finished print.Shown with ROP Graphics teacher Jon Haprov.
  4. Diamond Bar students helped the Chaparral students during the demonstration.
  5. Diamond Bar High ROP Woodshop Teacher Mike Bromberg talked about the equipment used in his classes.
  6. Teacher Mike Bromberg showed the Chaparral students how computer technology is used to create the woodshop projects.
  7. Joshua Ma worked with sandpaper during the hands-on tour at Diamond Bar High. Woodshop teacher Mike Bromberg made the students desk nameplates and they sanded the edges while visiting the class.
  8. Chaparral students during the woodshop class presentation.
  9. Chaparral’s Career and College group with souvenirs from their tour at Diamond Bar High. Shown: Jolene Goudeau, Austin Allison, Alec Jahanvash, Anthony Russo, Margaret Carson, Jalah Stewart, Jennifer Flannigan, Nickolas Mezger, Elisha Eide, Jairemy Pulido, and Joshua Ma.