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30th Graduation Ceremony Held

On Thursday, May 30, 2013, Diamond Bar High School held its 30th graduation ceremony. Class of 2013 flag bearers Evan York and Mi So Kwak proudly led 789 graduating Brahmas into Holmes Memorial Stadium. 

York was recently awarded the 1st Annual Principal’s Recognition Scholarship and DBHS Super Star Student Award. Kwak, an inspirational blind flutist, marched with the elite Bands of America Honor Band in the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade.

The Thundering Herd Band, under the direction of Steve Acciani, performed “Pomp & Circumstance” during the processional.

“When I think of the Class of 2013, two words come to mind - resolve and determination. These words have been the defining tenet of which you have set your self apart as a graduating class. Seniors you have shown the ability to choose what you believe in, the resolve to stand up for your beliefs and the determination to achieve your goals – you have been amazing,” Principal Catherine Real said.

Valedictorians Joshua Chen, Casey Lam, Christopher Lee and Udodiri Okwandu delivered the commencement address.

The theme was “The way is long – let us go together. The way is difficult – let us help each other. The way is joyful – let us share it. The way is ours alone – let us go in love. The way is open before us – let us begin.”

The speakers thanked grade level coordinators, teachers, family and friends for helping their dreams and aspirations come true.

“For the seniors of the Class of 2013, we must face this change with the same dedication, resilience and confidence that we have demonstrated these past four years of high school,” Okwandu said.

“The memories and experiences that we hold dearly in our hearts will act as bridges between the separate journeys that we set out upon,” Lee said.

“Because whether we are athletes, musicians, dancers, nerds, gamers, hipsters, or benchwarmers - we are the knuckleheads that make up the Class of 2013. The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match and each one of you is a fuse. So rejoice, celebrate, Hakuna Matata – we did it!” exclaimed the foursome.

CLICK HERE to see the procession of the graduates onto our football field.

to see the procession of the staff honor guard onto our football field.

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DBHS Valedictorians: 
Deedee Chao, Joshua Chen, Genevieve Cheung, Jimmy Cheung, Stephanie Chow, Favian Ho, Brittani Kellogg, Casey Lam, Alice Lee, Christopher Lee, Joyce Lee, Sowbhagya Nalla, Udodiri Okwandu, Jonathan Phan, Zephan Walters, Adrienna Yan and Jason Yang.  

IB Diploma Certificates:

Hajra Bawany, Jonathan Chandrasekhar, Deedee Chao, Stephanie Chow, Joshua Fachtmann, Eric Huang, Alexander Jeon, Irene Jeon, Daniel Chanyoung Kim, Kevin Kuhlman, Haelynn Kwon, Laurie Lee, Che-Hsuan Liao, Jackson Lu, Gwyneth Mallari, Katharina Miyoshi, Dylan Nguyen, Lauren Pak, Audrey Phone, and Adrienna Yan.