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Message From The GLCs Of 2017

Parents of the Class of 2017:

Wow, the school year seems to be flying by so far. Here are some updates from the Class of 2017 Grade Level Coordinators:

  • We have two weeks of instruction remaining until our 12‐week progress grades are issued. The end of the 12‐week grading period is Friday, November 8, 2013. Progress report cards would usually be delivered by the next Saturday, November 16th. Keep in mind that these grades are just “progress grades” and will not be posted to your student’s transcript.
  • The end of semester one will be Friday, December 20th. Final exams begin this week on Monday, December 16th. The grades your student earns at this point will be posted to their high school transcript.
  • If a student is struggling academically, the main area which causes problems for those students is their study habits. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of structure. Students need a structured schedule which includes a regular time of study, regular location to study, tutorial support when needed, and parent interaction. Completing homework on a regular basis and completing in‐class work are “key” ingredients to learning and good grades. We encourage parents to be involved and talk with your students about their coursework and progress with their academics.
  • Parent Portal‐Everyone should have an account on our Parent Portal. Parents and students are able to create and use an account. This will give you access to your student’s academic progress, attendance etc. If you do not have a Parent Portal account, please contact your student’s GLC or have your student come in and see us.
  • Tutoring Support‐As mentioned in an earlier email this school year…We have academic tutoring available for our students. We have Math Help offered at various times during the day including before school, lunch time and after school. Schedules are posted in math classrooms as well as on our school website. In addition, we have CSF‐California Scholarship Federation honor students available for tutoring assistance. The CSF tutoring takes place every day after school Monday through Fridays from 3:00‐4:30 pm in room 605. These services are free! We also have students who will provide tutoring support for a small fee. These students are usually junior or senior students doing very well in their own studies. If you are interested in hiring a peer tutor for your student, contact your student’s GLC. All of this tutoring information is available on our school website, www.dbhs.org. Simply go to the Guidance Link and then to the Class of 2017 link.
  • Please read our school bulletin on a weekly basis. Your students here the school bulletin read weekly and the bulletin is posted in most of our classrooms. Important school announcements are always posted on our school website. Stay connected by reading the bulletin on a regular basis.
  • Continue to encourage your students when they do well and try their best here at DBHS. Our kids need to know that we recognize their efforts and as parents we need to recognize the many positive things our students are doing!

Best Wishes,
Kevin Patterson & Jack Galeener