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2014 Teacher Of The Year Nominees

Each year, the teachers in the three academic departments of Diamond Bar High School name a teacher of the year within their divisions. From those three, the entire staff votes which teacher will be Diamond Bar High School's Teacher of the Year. The winner will be announced during the Staff Appreciation Luncheon put on by our Magnificent Seven parent's organization on Friday, April 25. 

This year's nominees are:


An original Brahma, Howard’s lessons are still filled with as much enthusiasm, energy, and entertainment as they were the day DBHS opened its doors. He makes math exciting for all of his students, and he always has.

Howard is the architect and leader of our Calculus program that gets phenomenal results year after year. The 2013 results: Calculus BC – 285 exams, 280 passing scores of three or higher, with 217 fives; All Calculus – 673 exams, 613 passing scores of three or higher, with 414 fives.

Howard is an ambassador for Diamond Bar High School; both as an AP reader and presenter at conferences, workshops, and summer institutes. He takes our strategies that are aimed at making math the favorite class of every Brahma on the road and shares them with teachers all over the country.

Howard continues to advise the Math Team, Mu Alpha Theta, and supervise numerous math contests like the American Math Competition, the American Invitational Math Exam, the California Math League (in which DBHS came in 1st place this year), and has even started entering new competitions like the Math Madness competition earlier this year.



Becky has been Health and Kinesiology teacher in WVUSD since 2001 and coached girls' volleyball from 2000 to 2012. So much of her life has been dedicated to Diamond Bar High School and our students that it represents her second home and family.

Her strengths as an educator include the patience and respect she demonstrates toward her students each and every day. Even though she has nearly 400 students each year, she takes the time needed to learn all of their names, interact with them, and learn about their unique qualities.

 In her classroom, she enjoys mixing appropriate humor and relevant activities into learning in an attempt to engage all students. During the school day she is 100% invested into the needs of her students and the curriculum she is expected to deliver. She makes time for each and every student and staff member.

But most importantly, she wants to contribute to a working and learning environment that is positive, productive, and fun for everyone involved.



Janna Lindenberg has been teaching with us for 13 years and in that time she has created HUNDREDS of champions!  Herself a BRAHMA, Janna instills in students the “Purple Pride” and “Gold Standard” that leads them to the top.  Her students say that she “looks for the best in us and then leads us to our full potential.” 

  Janna’s classroom is an environment where students are encouraged to create and rewarded for their efforts.  She is constantly reinventing her approach to teaching dance and requires that students do the same in expression and execution. 

Janna’s lessons are not just about dance, either; she teaches her students that performance on the stage is much like performance on a test, or in a presentation, or even in life.