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Message To The Families Of The Class Of 2017

Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2017,
Well, we are in week 5 of our school year already!  We would like to review some topics with you and also remind you of some events you may want to attend with your student.
Upcoming Events:
College Night:  Tonight-Tuesday, September 16th:  College Night here at DBHS.  Start time is 7:00 pm in the DBHS Gymnasium.  Several colleges/universities will have representatives here tonight to discuss their campus with you and your student.  It is an open house environment where you can walk around and stop and visit with college representatives.  It is a great opportunity to begin the college search.
College Information Night:  Wednesday, September 17th:   Paul Kanerek, founder of Princeton Review, will be here at DBHS to speak about the college admissions process and the upcoming changes in the SAT.  Start time is 7:00 pm in the DBHS Theater.  Seating is limited!
Other Topics:
Class of 2017 Due Process Meeting:  We met with the entire Class of 2017 the third day of school to review our goals and expectations for our students.  We reviewed school rules and policies and discussed making plans for the future.  This Due Process Power Point is available for you to view as parents/guardians.  It is on our school website www.dbhs.org on the Guidance Page-Go to Class of 2017 page and you will see the Power Point File.
DBHS Website:  Please visit our school website www.dbhs.org often and encourage your student to also visit the site often.  Announcements are regularly posted to the website.  In addition, when you visit the Guidance Page/Class of 2017 you will find many helpful files and links!
Sophomore Student/Parent Information Handbook:  We encourage you and your student to utilize this handbook which was given to each student during their GLC meeting this past summer.  A wealth of information is contained in the handbook.
Attendance:  Being at school and in every class is the biggest step towards finding academic success.  We understand that illness and family situations happen which will cause absences.  When these occur, please notify our attendance clerks immediately.
Maintaining BALANCE:  We talk to our students often about achieving a BALANCE IN LIFE.  Taking challenging academic courses and achieving good grades, being involved in school activities, and
being involved in off-campus activities are all time consuming endeavors.  We have to remind our students to find a balance with all of their interests and to not forget to program into their schedules time to relax, be a teenager and to get enough rest and exercise.    As parents, we all want what is best for our children-As your student’s Grade Level Coordinators, we are here to support your children in their endeavors as well.
SAT/ACT:  We encourage our students to research the SAT and ACT exams and plan their calendars as to when they will take the required exams for 4-year university admissions.  As discussed this summer, 4-year universities will require an SAT or ACT exam score as part of the admissions’ process.  In addition, some universities might also require SAT Subject exams.  UC and CSU campuses do not require SAT Subject exams as part of the admissions’ process.  However, some UC campuses and majors may recommend one or two SAT Subject exams.  Our students will need to research which majors and which UC campuses have this recommendation.  Most students begin taking the SAT during their junior (11th) year.  Preparation for the material on the exams is achieved through the coursework our students are completing in their classes.  Additional preparation is up to the individual student in the form of practice exams, test-prep seminars, workshops etc. 
See you soon,
Kevin Patterson
Jack Galeener
Grade Level Coordinators-Class of 2017