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Pansy Tseng Wins Windmill Article Contest

Diamond Bar High School junior Pansy Tseng won The Windmill's 3rd Annual Article Contest, titled "Oh, The Places You'll Go". Congratulations! It was published in the January/February 2015 edition of The Windmill.

400 Words with photo and caption
Adheres to the theme:" Oh, The Place You'll Go In Diamond Bar"
Article must be original and unpublished


“Oh, The Places You’ll Go in Diamond Bar,”
Where the opportunities are endless and never afar.
We begin our journey today at Diamond Bar High,
Where each student’s dreams are just beginning to fly.
Freshmen start thinking which path they want to go,
And from there, each day, they continuously grow.

“I love to dance!” some eagerly squeal,
As they audition and breathlessly strive to appeal.
Some make it, some don’t,
But none fret as there is always other hope.
Days of training and practice are the norm,
Until Showtime rolls around, and it’s time to perform.
The dancers put their hearts out on the Diamond Bar Stage,
But in their hearts, their dancing puts them on a different

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go in Diamond Bar,”
A school that makes each student feel like a star.
Even if these performers only dance on a normal school day,
They feel as if they are shining on the dazzling Broadway.

But, wait! There’s much more the school has to offer,
Even for the budding but prospective photographer.
Walk to the dark room 454,
To find strips of film and Polaroids strewn on the floor.
The concentrating apprentices carefully develop the photograph;
Little do they know they will be soon applauded for their beautiful craft.
The Diamond Bar Community holds a special contest,
One that selects photography at its very best.
“Oh, The Places You’ll Go In Diamond Bar,”
Achievement of goals in which you take part.
“Through My Lens” presents the chance
For praiseworthy artists to distinctively advance.
Showcased one night at the City Hall,
These photographers know they are no longer small.
With the publications in the City calendar as proof,
The luminous students start to rise from their blossoming

So, as you can see how far students from Diamond Bar can go,
Where they ultimately settle, nobody knows.
For, in the City of Diamond Bar, the possibilities are endless,
To achieve anything you strive for, anything stupendous.

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go in Diamond Bar,”
Only a matter of which path you choose to embark.
To bring to a close our journey today,
I ask you to reflect on your goals; come on, give it a play.
It will take dedication, passion, and spirit to get to your destination,
But remember: anything is possible with the right aspiration.

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