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Scholarship and College Information

April, 2015



·      Ugh!  Rejection letters are such a bummer!  We feel for you, we really do.  So many of you have worked so hard and have done such a good job here, but please don’t take non-acceptance to a school too personally.  Every time I talk to admission officers, they say their job is so difficult because the vast majority of applicants are bright, highly qualified students who would do a great job at their school, but unfortunately they have to say “No thanks” to almost all of them.  As we said last month, don’t focus on the rejections.  That’s negative energy that will just leave you frustrated.  Focus on the acceptances and start getting pumped up about where you’ll go. 

·      The deadline to submit your SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) is rapidly approaching.  For the UC’s, it’s May 1st, 2015.  If you fail to submit your SIR on time, you have missed the boat and “your provisionary admission is cancelled.”

·      The CSU expects you to take the EPT and ELM to determine your readiness for college level English and math.  Some of you may be exempt because of your score on the math or English section of the SAT or ACT, or your score on the EAP section of last year’s CST exam.  To determine if you’re exempt, go to http://www.ets.org/s/csu/pdf/csu_information_bulletin.pdf.  If you can’t find your EAP score or can’t prove that you’re exempt in some way, I would recommend signing up to take the ELM and EPT just to make sure you’re good to go when school starts because the “CSU requires you to take the EPT and ELM prior to enrollment in the CSU.”  You do NOT have to take the exams on the actual campus you will attend.  To find campuses still providing test dates, go to that same ETS Information Bulletin.

·      The UC Analytical Writing Placement Examination (AWPE) will be administered on Saturday, May 9th to all students who have been admitted to the UC but have not satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement by other means (e.g. 30 or better on the ACT Combined English/Writing test, 680 or better on the SAT writing section, 3 or above on the AP Language test).  If you are not exempt as of April 1st, you should plan on taking the exam May 9thIn early April, students will receive a letter directing them to the test center at which they must take the test.  For more information, go to www.ucop.edu/elwr

·      Waiting lists are exactly what they sound like – a list for people who have to wait.  They are certainly NOT a promise that you’ll eventually get into that school.  Do not make the mistake of failing to submit a SIR to a school that accepted you because you are falsely banking on the belief that you’ll be pulled off a waiting list for another school.  The best plan is to submit a SIR to the school you would go to if you were not pulled off a waiting list.  You’ll have to lose your deposit if you’re later pulled off the waiting list for a school you’d prefer, but hopefully your excitement at being called up will soften the financial blow.

·      Make a decision that is right for you.  Remember, you’re picking more than just a name on a sweatshirt – you’re choosing where you’ll be living and learning for the next four years or so.  If you haven’t done so already, take a weekend to go and visit the schools you’re considering and try to get a final feel for the school that’s best for you.  While there certainly isn’t only one right choice for you, you want to make this a well thought-out decision.

·      Make a choice and embrace your new school!  We often talk about finding the one perfect school for you, but in reality, there are many schools that might turn into a perfect fit for you.  Once you commit and start attending a school, there’s a strong likelihood you’ll find all sorts of things that make that the perfect school for you.  Here’s a quote from a Lewis & Clark University student blog on the same subject: 


I am so glad I chose to come here, out of all my other choices. It was a tough decision trying to narrow it down at the end of senior year, but ultimately, I’m more than satisfied. My words of wisdom to all you prospective students is as follows:  You might not see sparks fly the first time you visit a school. And that’s okay. It’s okay if you visit all the schools on your list and don’t fall head over heels with a single one. I visited all of the schools I was thinking of going to (multiple times!) and I still had no idea where I should go. Yes, trying to find the best one is hard, but the guidebooks and websites and all the hype tells you that there’s a “dream school” out there that’s “perfect” and you’ll know it when you see it. That’s simply not true for everyone. There was never a moment where I was dead sure Lewis and Clark was going to be the right choice until I was actually here, attending classes and making friends and living life. You just have to make the decision and everything will turn out just fine.”


·      Community college is still a fine, respectable, cost-saving route.  If you have not been accepted to the school of your dreams, attending a community college is a valid option.  A former student recently wrote to her GLC on this subject, and I think she puts it best:

“I remember feeling so bad about myself for getting 10 rejection letters from colleges.  In the long run, those rejections were some of the best things that happened to me.  I ended up going to community college and learned what it meant to study at a college level.  I had time to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life and try different classes (without paying a lot of money to do so). I also was able to apply to all my big dream schools that I did not even bother applying to my senior year.  I am now at USC studying Biomedical Engineering, Pre-med and have been on the Dean's list since I started here.  I know I would not be as successful if I did not go to community college first.”

Another high-achieving honors student who ended up needing to attend Mt. SAC shared this with me:

“I’m so happy at Mt. SAC, and I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to go there and get involved.  I’m taking so many classes and working so hard to get great grades, but I’m also enjoying the experience with different clubs and people.  I have several friends at four-year schools who are struggling to get as many classes as I’m getting, and this has turned out to be the perfect place for me at this time of my life.”



·      Mandatory Mt. SAC New Student Orientation: Students, the next step after you have taken the Math and English assessment tests is attending the mandatory New Student Orientation at Mt. SAC. The next date to sign up is Saturday, April 18th. If you haven’t received the email from Mt. SAC regarding signing up for that orientation, please see Mrs. Williams in the Career Center immediately. You will not receive priority registration at Mt. SAC if you do not attend this orientation.

·      Mt. SAC Support Student Services Workshop on Wed. April 15th at lunch in the Golden Horseshoe.  This workshop will give students information and resources on student support services at Mt. SAC that will assist them in their transition to college life. Many of these programs will give students book vouchers, scholarships and specialized support. Programs such as Summer Bridge, Honors Program, ACES, ASPIRE etc. will be introduced to student.

·      Last steps workshop Wed. April 29th at lunch Golden Horseshoe. . This is the last workshop on campus that will cover and last assistance on registering for classes at Mt. SAC.



·      Diamond Bar Black Women’s Association – Students can win a $500 scholarship.  To be eligible, the applicant must be an African-American graduating from a local high school (only around Diamond Bar so that really gives you a much better chance at this scholarship) with at least a 2.5 GPA and plans to attend an institution of higher learning.  Pick up an application in Mr. Desmond’s office.  Application packages including letters of recommendation must be postmarked no later than April 20, 2015 to be received by April 24th, 2015.

·       Girls’ League of DBHS Scholarship – That’s right our very own scholarship from the Diamond Bar High School Girls’ League!  The Girls’ League awards two $500 scholarships.  Since Girl’s League is a service-based organization, community involvement is a primary factor in deciding who receives awards.  These scholarships will only go to Brahmas so apply!  Pick up an application in Mr. Desmond’s office or in Ms. Pacheco’s room (577).  Application packages must be submitted to Ms. Pacheco in Room 577 by Friday, May 1st, 2015.

·       Asian American Architects and Engineers Scholarship - The Asian American Architects and Engineers (AAa/e) Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities and scholarships for young professionals and students pursuing a career in architecture, engineering or construction (AEC).  Last year, they awarded a grand total of $21,500!  Visit their website at www.aaaesc.com/foundation_student_scholarship for more information and an application.  Applications must be postmarked by 4:00 pm on May 29th, 2015.

·      Industry Manufacturer’s Council Scholarship – This is a unique $500 scholarship in that it is reserved for a deserving senior who will graduate but is “not planning on attending a comprehensive four-year college.”  If this is you, pick up an application in Mr. Desmond’s office and turn in this application to Mr. Desmond by Tuesday, April 10th, 2015.

·      Walnut Valley Educators Association Scholarship – The WVEA will be offering three $500 scholarships for WVEA Members’ children, stepchildren, and grandchildren who are graduating in May and will be pursuing higher education, or who are currently enrolled in higher education and are not a previous recipient.  Applications can be found at www.wvea.info and must be postmarked no later than March 27th, no exceptions.  I’m aware that this bulletin will come out after that date, but the website says “You can also put through the mail slot at the office, by 2:30, on April 1st.

·      Brahma Boosters Scholarship – This scholarship is open to any senior student of any booster who has fulfilled their booster commitment.  Pick up an application in Mr. Desmond’s office.  Your completed application along with a copy of your academic transcript must be given to Mr. Desmond no later than Thursday, April 30th, 2015, no exceptions.

·      The Denis Paul Scholarship – This scholarship was established in 2010 in honor of DBHS’ principal from 1998-2010.  The $1000 award is open to any senior who has been a student at DBHS for all four years and exemplifies the principles of community service and academic achievement.  This is another one just for us – Brahmas only!  Pick up an application in Mr. Desmond’s office.  Completed applications along with a copy of your transcript must be submitted to Mr. Desmond no later than April 30th, 2015.

·      Walnut Valley Educational Foundation Scholarship - That’s Walnut Valley as in OUR district so you know this one isn’t going to some dude in Milwaukee – apply!  They award three $1000 scholarships (Visual and Performing Arts, Industrial Technology, and Teen Citizen) to DBHS students!  You can pick up an application in Mr. Desmond’s office.  Applications must be signed by a GLC or the principal and received by MAIL by April 27th, 2015.

·      Class of 2012 Ginger Auten and Phyllis Irving Scholarship – Here is another great scholarship that’s guaranteed to go to a Brahma.  One of the people whose name is on the scholarship is walking around our campus every day!  A $250 award will be given to a DBHS senior with a minimum 3.5 GPA and the best application (unofficial transcript, two 250 word essays, four short answer questions).  You can pick up an application in Mr. Desmond’s office – applications and scanned transcripts must be submitted to AutenandIrvingScholarship@gmail.com by May 3rd, 2015.

·      Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Scholarship – Alpha Kappa Alpha “is a service organization, comprised predominantly of African-American, college-educated women” and this is a scholarship for “senior girls, who plan to attend an accredited college or university.”  Several scholarships will be awarded in varying amounts, and students need at least a 3.0 GPA, an essay, and two letters of recommendation.  Pick up applications in Mr. Desmond’s office.  The complete application package must be mailed and received by April 3rd, 2015.

·      Aspiring Nurse Scholarship – This Nursing School Almanac website is offering a $1000 for an aspiring nurse with “a track record of academic excellence, particularly in science and mathematics and a passion for the nursing profession and the overall field of healthcare.”  This scholarship competition is open to all high school seniors who plan to pursue college education in nursing, including LPN / LVN, ADN, and BSN programs.  Interested students should visit www.nursingschoolsalmanac.com and click the banner on the right hand side of the page.  Scholarship applications will be accepted until midnight on June 30.

·      Taiwanese-American Citizens League Scholarship – The Los Angeles chapter of this organization is offering multiple $500 awards in LA County.  This scholarship is open to all juniors and seniors regardless of race, national origin, citizenship, or financial needs.  They are looking for well-rounded college bound seniors who have demonstrated leadership skills, extracurricular activity involvement, community service, and academic achievement.  The entire application package can be downloaded at http://tacl.org/programs/scholarship/.   Application must be mailed and received by April 15th, 2015.

·      Elaine Whittington Scholarship – This scholarship is for up to $4000 for a senior planning on pursuing a degree in a business-related major.  For more information and an application, go to http://www.napmsfv.org/home  under the scholarship section.  The deadline to apply is April 17th, 2015.

·      Los Angeles Commission on Disabilities Scholarship – The Bernard Siegel/Bill Tainter Memorial Scholarship Program will offer five $500 grants for Los Angeles County seniors “with a diagnosed learning or physical disability” and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.  You may pick up an application in Mr. Desmond’s office or at www.laccod.org.  Applications must be received by May 8th, 2015.

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