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All school campuses in the Walnut Valley Unified School District, including DBHS, will be closed through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are transitioning to online instruction.

Message From The Class Of 2017 GLCs


Class of 2017 Student and Parents,


Greetings from the Grade Level Coordinators for the Class of 2017!


Well this school year is quickly coming to a close.  We are encouraging our sophomores to keep the foot on the gas pedal until Thursday, May 28th.  Here are a few topics we would like to address as we move into summer…



Now is the time to make a last big push in regards to their efforts in each of their classes.  We encourage our students to continue to “do their best.”  Final Exams will be the week of May 25th.  Be supportive of your students as they make this last push, but remind them that they must continue to eat right, sleep enough and keep things in balance!  These grades will be posted on their academic transcripts as well.



Please remind your student to monitor their grades in regards to meeting the prerequisites for any course he/she may have requested for next school year as an 11th grader.  Certain letter grades must be earned in their current courses in order to be eligible to take some courses next school year.  If this prerequisite grade is not met your student MUST contact their GLC as soon as possible!  If a prerequisite grade is not met and we are notified, we will make the adjustment in your student’s course requests prior to the junior schedules being made in June.  If we do not know about the grade situation until after your student’s courses are assigned it will make it very difficult to repair their schedule when we sit down at our GLC appointment this summer.  Please encourage your student to communicate with us if prerequisite grades are not met!  If your student knows of this grade prior to or on May 28th he/she should see us before leaving for summer.  If your student learns of this grade after May 28th, he/she should email us immediately.  We will do our best to make the proper adjustment in next year’s course requests.



Whatever the summer plans are for your student, please ensure that he/she takes some time to “recharge” his or her batteries!  Our students work very hard and they need to be reminded sometimes to relax and enjoy some “down” time.  We don’t want them coming back to school next August already tired and “burned out” from a summer that was too hectic.  We believe there is a way to balance any summer school academics, SAT/ACT preparation with some much deserved and needed vacation time!



Very Important!!  Next Wednesday, May 13th, the class of 2017 will have their APPOINTMENT LOTTERY.  We will start right after period 6 ends in the amphitheater.  On this day, your student will be given their Appointment Date and Time for their GLC meeting this summer.  The GLC appointments will take place for (4) weeks this summer starting Monday, July 13th through Friday, August 7th.  It is very important that your student attend this lottery next Wednesday to secure their GLC appointment.  Prior to next Wednesday, PLEASE discus with your student any dates during the (4) weeks which your family is NOT available.  If you know you will be gone for a particular day or days, please provide your student with these dates.  Your student will need to communicate with the staff assigning dates which dates you are not available.  We will do our best to avoid assigning an appointment that conflicts with the family schedule.  It is so much easier to repair these situations on Wednesday rather than waiting until all of our appointment slots are full and then trying to move appointments-this is very difficult!!  In some situations we may not be able to avoid a conflict. 


In addition, please remind your sophomore student that if they have a DBHS brother or sister who will be a senior next school year that their senior sibling will be able to secure both their appointment and their younger sibling’s appointment.  When the senior-to-be  has his/her lottery, he/she should secure their younger sibling’s GLC appointment date as well for the same day so parents only have to come to registration one day instead of two separate days.  In this situation, the Class of 2017 student will not have to attend their lottery on Wednesday if the older sibling has already secured both appointments!  Similarly, if the Class of 2017 student  has a 10th or 9th grade DBHS sibling next school year the Class of 2017 student should secure their younger siblings appointments as well.





Kevin Patterson & Jack Galeener

Grade Level Coordinators

Class of 2017