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All schools in the Walnut Valley Unified School District, including DBHS, are scheduled to be closed through Tuesday, May 5, because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Message From The Class Of 2017 GLCs


Parents and Students of the Class of 2017:


Greetings from the Grade Level Coordinators of the Class of 2017, Mr. Kevin Patterson and Mr. Jack Galeener.


As we begin our summer break, we would like to remind you of a few things.


First,  as you review your student’s grades please keep this in mind:


  1.       If your student earned a grade of (F) in a graduation-required course for the second semester of this school year, this class will need to be repeated in order for your student to stay on track for May, 2017 graduation.  Your student, if not already enrolled in our summer session, may still be able to ADD a summer session course on the first day of summer session, Monday, June 8th.  If your student pursues this option, please advise him/her to arrive on June 8th by 7:30 am and proceed to the school theater where the class-add process will take place.  If this summer is not an option, then we will have the Summer of 2016 session as the last opportunity to make up the course.


  1.       If your student did not meet the requirements for a prerequisite grade for a class he/she is planning on taking as an 11th grader, your student should notify us via email immediately.  For example, some 11th grade courses may require a prerequisite  grade of (A or B) in a specific second-semester class just concluded.  If this particular grade was not earned then it is very important that we are able to adjust the course requests for next fall, 11th Don’t delay-contact the GLC via email if this applies.


Secondly, please encourage your students to take some time this summer to “recharge” their batteries by taking some time off.   11th grade will be here soon and we need energetic and rested students!


Enjoy the summer months and we will see you during the registration process from July 13-August 7th.



Kevin R. Patterson

Grade Level Coordinator

Class of 2017

Diamond Bar High School