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WASC Accreditation Letter To Parents, Oct 10


Dear Parents,


My name is Isaac Lee. I am a new teacher at Diamond Bar High School.  I am currently teaching AP Psychology, World History and Sheltered World History.  I am excited to announce that I will be the new Communications Director for the WASC team.


We would like to thank those of you who participated in the Parent Survey in October.  We received great responses and we are encouraged by your input! 


In addition to the Parent Survey, we also conducted a student survey in October.  All of the students visited the computer labs during their English classes to participate in a short survey regarding their experiences at Diamond Bar High School.  The results of the survey will be closely compared with the survey that was administered in 2010. 


Additionally, all teachers participated in a series of Instructional Rounds.  Teachers were placed into groups of three and they observed three teachers from various subjects.  Each group prepared reports based on what they observed in the classrooms.


All data collected from these surveys will be carefully analyzed and will serve as a valuable resource for compiling the WASC report.  The data will also be used to gain a better understanding of our strengths as well as areas that we need to improve upon at Diamond Bar High School. 


Lastly, we will be having Focus Group meetings on the next two late start days.  During these meetings, each group will be responsible for discussing items that will be included in the WASC report.  These meetings will include parent representation. 

As always, we appreciate all of your participation and involvement in the WASC process to ensure a quality education for our students at Diamond Bar High School.




Isaac Lee

DBHS WASC Communications Director

Diamond Bar High School