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Brahmas Win 4th Week Of Math Madness, 37-31

Math Madness continues. Today, October 21, our team won for the fourth week in a row! They competed against students from Cherry Creek HS of Greenwood Village, Colorado. After our victory, we are now ranked #9 in the nation and #4 in California!

We had 22 students compete. This week they working in teams of three. Jeff Chow and Kathy Tong got all eight questions right. Next Wednesday is the big day. Single elimination from here on out. The previous rounds were for seeding. From now on, the top ten scores for each team will be used.

Top scorers:
• Kathy Tong (8/8)
• Jeff Chow (8/8)
• Darin Chang (7/8)
• Jason Chang (7/8)
• Benjamin Che (7/8)
• Ester Liu (7/8)