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Drama Students Receive CETA Commendations


Saturday, November 7, three CETA (California Educational Theatre Association) judges came to adjudicate our production of Skin of Our Teeth. This is our first experience with adjudication. We were told by CETA officials not to expect to receive any commendations. However, several of our students received very high marks for their performances and will be receiving Merit Commendations at the CETA Festival. They are as follows:


Chloe Reyes-- for her portrayal of Sabina
Julianna King--- for her portrayal of Mrs. Antrobus
Amelia Anijielo--- for her portrayal of The Fortune Teller
Daniel Durkee--- for his portrayal of Fitzpatrick
Jonah Martinez---- for his portrayal of Mr. Antrobus
Riley Mawhorter--- for his portrayal of The Broadcast Official
Jana Yamak--- for her portrayal of The Dinosaur
Nicole Geron--- for her portrayal of The Mammoth