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Brahmas Win Math Madness For 6th Straight Week, 70-58

MATH MADNESS CONTINUES! November 12, 2015, our Brahmas won for the 6th week in a row! Forty-eight Brahmas participated. It is now single elimination for all teams. Our team beat students from Jamestown High School in Williamsburg, VA. The score was 70-58! Good job.
The scores of the top 10 scoring students from each school were compared to determine the winning school. Here is a list of our top 10 scorers. This week, three of our students answered all of the questions correctly! They were Benjamin Chen, Matthew Ho and Timothy Yeh.
Out of 17,475 participants nationwide, BEN CHEN is ranked #12. 
Next week may be our toughest competition yet. Our opponent will be Odle Middle School in Bellevue, WA. Yes, a magnet middle school!
This week, our top scorers were:

Benjamin Chen (8/8)

Matthew Ho (8/8)

Timothy Yeh (8/8)

Sabrina Tseng (7/8)

Michael Wu (7/8)

William He (7/8)

Leslie Sim (7/8)

Hank Wai (6/8)

Zijun Lin (6/8)

David Mao (6/8)

Miriam Sun (6/8)

Jason Chang (6/8)

William Shao (6/8)

Jeff Chow (6/8)

Brian Ho (6/8)