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WASC Accreditation Update, Nov 2015

Dear Parents,

It has been another productive and busy month for Diamond Bar High School.  We are proud to say that we are currently finalizing Chapter 4 of the report!  The Data team has finished collecting data since 2010 and they have been tirelessly organizing the information.  Using these data items, the focus and home groups have been analyzing and synthesizing school programs based on WASC Criteria.   The goals of these groups is to identify how well our school is serving its students. 

We would like to thank the parent representatives who have been involved with our focus groups.  Your dedication, commitment, and input to this process has been valuable!   

In addition, our mission and vision statements have been updated.  You can find them on our WASC site. 

As always, we are grateful for your participation and involvement in the WASC process to ensure a quality education for our students at Diamond Bar High School. 


Always with the warmest regards,


Isaac Lee

Communications Director

AP Psychology / World History

Diamond Bar High School