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69 Brahmas Make All-Southern Honor Band & Orchestra


The SCSBOA honor groups for elementary through high school students are prestigious music groups which students audition for. They include the band, string orchestra, full orchestra, and jazz band. Students accepted into the groups often demonstrate their expertise in their instruments as well as their motivation to take music to a higher degree. Numerous new musical works have been commissioned for these honor groups over the years. Students apply and have live, not recorded, tryouts. The is a significant accomplishment! Congratulations to all.


2016 SCSBOA All-Southern Honor Groups Symphonic Band

- 20 Brahmas Qualified!

Aaron Tamura

Ethan Holmes

Diego Hammond

Victor Chai

Calvin Hong

Katie Desmond

Letitia So

Savannah Domingue

Chase Langi

Veda Patel

Timothy Yeh

Adele Zhang

Renee Yam

Ryan Chao

Hannah Choi

Johannah Chung

Cash Langi

Edward Yang

Chad Montoya

Se Ho Kwak

Thomas Wong


2016 SCSBOA All-Southern Honor Groups Wind Ensemble

- 18 Brahmas Qualified!

Joshua Park

Nicholas Lucero

Ryan Li

Andrew Chang

Annabelle Wang

Brett Yonezawa

Halli Kato

Darshan Sonawala

Elizabeth Li

Alex Liang

Dongjin John Kim

Amy Miyahara

Jeremy Davis

Hampton Douglas

Allen Yun

James Lo

Eric Liu

Beverley, Alex


2016 SCSBOA All-Southern Honor Group Orchestra

- 31 Brahmas Qualified!

Melody Guo

Jonathan Sun

Angelina Kim

Tanya Yang

Rebecca Kim

Aaron Kerestes

Cheyanne Fox

Jessica Zhang

Isaac No

Annabel Park

Rachael Kim

Eliana Lontok

Jessica Juan

Vicky Yu

Clarissa Antoine

Darren Chiu

Clarissa Hui

Elise Lin

Josephine Kim

Matthew Ho

Angela Hung

Renee Kau

Jung Hyun Kim

Jeff Chow

Shana Roan

Kevin Zhang

Frances Song

Chi Yun Wendy Liu

Hsuan-Te Miriam Sun

Mary Ann Choi

Chang, Walter