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Class Of 2017 GLC Newsletter #4





If students or parents are not receiving periodic text message reminders, please sign up with our system.  Go to our Class of 2017 Web page (Text Message Remind System) for directions on how to register for this helpful REMIND Text Message system.


First Semester Grades

First semester grades are now complete and will be posted to student transcripts early next week.  Please review these grades with your student to ensure accuracy.  You should ask your student how he/she feels about their academic effort for semester one.  This is the time to evaluate and to make adjustments in study habits if necessary.  Each student should look for specific areas in each course in which he/she can make improvements.


Second Semester-Don’t Look Now but Second Semester has Started!-Avoid the Winter-Break Blues

It is very easy for students to become complacent after a wonderful, extended break from school.  Please talk with your student and observe that he or she has gotten back into the swing of things with their effort towards their school work.  Students that delay returning to their good study habits end of regretting it later on this semester.



The PSAT/NMSQT test scores/results were delayed being released by Collegeboard.  They have since been released.  This is the first year Collegeboard has used this reporting-scores process and there have been some challenges for some students accessing their PSAT scores.  Some students have been successful simply by logging on to their Collegeboard account and accessing their PSAT scores-studentscores.collegeboard.org.  Other students have been asked via Collegeboard to supply and ACCESS CODE.  For these students, Mr. Patterson and  Mr. Galeener have just received a list of these ACCESS CODES and will provide to students upon request.  If a student is still having difficulty accessing scores, we suggest the student contact Collegeboard directly via email or phone to troubleshoot the problem.


Dream-Plan-Pursue (DPP)

Dream-Students you should dream about what you want out of life. 

Plan-Make a plan on how you will accomplish those dreams.

Pursue-Go for it.  Follow your plan.  Be prepared for some bumps in the road and for some folks who may try to derail your pursuit-be relentless in your pursuit.  Sometimes you may have to implement Plan B which is ok.



If a Class of 2017 student is looking to start their college experience at a 4-year university, he/she will need to take the SAT or ACT.  In addition, some universities will require SAT Subject Tests as well.  Go to www.collegeboard.org (SAT) and/or www.act.org (ACT) to create a student account and to register for tests.  We recommend these tests be taken during junior year.  Students may be able to retake the tests the first 2-3 test administrations of their senior year, but don’t wait until senior year to take them for the first time!    Another factor to consider is when to take the SAT as a junior.  Generally speaking, if a student is currently in Geometry or Algebra II then it may be wise to wait until the last 1-2 SAT test administrations this school year.  This will allow these students to have as much Geometry and Algebra II math instruction completed as possible.  Otherwise, junior students should take the SAT anytime this school year.

SAT Subject Tests:  Many private universities will require (2) SAT Subject Tests as part of their admission’s requirements.  UCs and CSUs do not require SAT Subject Tests; however, some UC campuses “recommend” students taking (2) SAT Subject Tests.   Some universities, if they require SAT Subject Tests, may accept any (2) subjects.  Some universities, if they require SAT Subject Tests, may specify specific test subjects for certain majors.  For example, a student majoring in a Science or Math related field or Engineering may be wise to take the SAT Subject Test Math Level II and a Science SAT Subject Test.  To be sure, a student should research individual university admission requirements.    In addition, if possible, students should arrange to take an SAT Subject Test in the spring time which could coincide with their preparation for an Advanced Placement (AP) exam.  For example, if a student plans to take an SAT Subject Test in Chemistry and is also enrolled in AP Chemistry here at DBHS this school year, he/she should take the SAT Chemistry Subject test in the spring.  Students should go to the Class of 2017 Web page to look under FILES for the document titled:   UC Campuses and The SAT Subject Tests.  This file will give you information on which UCs recommend taking the SAT Subject Tests and which ones!



Diamond Bar High School does not have a Community Service requirement.  Many DBHS students do pursue service/volunteer hours and we support this endeavor.   We are often asked by students if they need to submit these service hours to DBHS and the answer is NO.  What students who are pursuing service hours should do is to keep very detailed and accurate records.  We advise the students to create some type of document so they can log their service hours.  Important information includes number of hours served, date of service, location or establishment where the service was performed and the name and contact information of the supervisor or person in charge.  Our students, will very likely document these service hours on their college applications next fall.  Some universities will randomly “audit” applications checking for accuracy/honesty.  When a student has kept excellent records there will never be a problem verifying the service hours performed and reported on applications.



Our students should be checking the DBHS website daily for news, announcements etc.  We strongly encourage our juniors to check the website and go to the Career Center Page.  Start at Academics and then go to the Career Center page.  Listed on this page will be the dates, times, locations of our college visits to our campus.  College visits provide our students with an opportunity to visit with a college-campus representative and ask important questions about the school.





During our summer meeting, each Class of 2017 student received the Student/Parent Information Handbook.  This is also available on the Class of 2017 webpage.  In this handbook, you will find a 2-page College Search Process.  Please encourage your student to begin the process of creating a list of colleges/universities which may be a good fit for them after high school.  As Grade Level Coordinators, we want our students to eventually move on to a college or university setting which is a great “fit” for them.  Students and parents need to put aside only looking at “prestigious name” universities and open up to consideration, universities which will provide the environment that will allow their son or daughter to flourish, to be happy and content as they pursue their career interests.  “Happy Students are good students!”  The student’s list of potential colleges/universities may be quite large at this point; however, as the year progresses into next summer, your student should begin narrowing the list down.  If your student begins this process now, he/she will have plenty of time and opportunities to research the school, ask questions, visit the campuses etc. prior to the senior year beginning.  The final list of colleges/universities to which your student will eventually apply should be established by next August/September.  Encourage your student to have fun with this process and to tell friends and family of their interests.



This is a regular newsletter that offers great tips and advice for parents and educators.  You will find issues from September, October, November, December 2015 and the most recent January 2016  issue on our school website www.dbhs.org  Guidance/GLC/Class of 2017.  A must read for parents of teenagers! 



Every year the senior class has access to very informative Senior Bulletins.  The Senior Bulletin is loaded with information about the college admissions process, community college etc.  We are posting these Senior Bulletins to our Class of 2017 page on the school website.  We realize our students are still juniors; however, we believe you may find the information helpful this year as well.



Reminder!!  When students register to take the SAT or ACT, they should use their legal name.  This legal name should match the name used here at DBHS on their academic transcript.  It should also be the same name the student will use during the college/university admission’s process next year as a 12th grader.  Using different names (nicknames etc.) may result in the student’s academic records never matching up and resulting in the student missing important requirements for the admission’s process.



We advise our students to be careful when selecting an email address.  It may be wise for students to create an email account specifically for the upcoming admission’s process.   Using “cute or silly” email addresses for the admission’s process doesn’t give a positive first impression.  We suggest very simple, straight-forward email addresses such as First Initial of First Name and last name or some combination of this.   



WUE-Western Undergraduate Exchange Program allows students who are residents of WICHE states to request a reduced tuition rate of 150% of resident tuition at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state.  This is a great program if your student is looking at attending an out-of-state university.  It may result in a tuition cost savings for your student.  Check out the website and you can also find information on our school website, www.dbhs.org  go to GUIDANCE/GLC/CLASS OF 2017.




Interest Inventories/Searches:  We encourage all of our students to take steps to find out what areas of study and/or career interests best fit them.  Students may access Interest Inventories (Simple tests/questionnaires which help direct students to careers/college majors that may match their strengths etc.) via our school website  www.dbhs.org.  On the Guidance Page, students should look at the right hand side of the page for several available links.  The link titled Careers will guide them to some of these Interest Inventories.  In addition, we strongly recommend our students create a free account on the following websites:



These websites have tremendous resources available on helping students look into different career opportunities and college majors. 




Kevin R. Patterson

Grade Level Coordinator

Class of 2017

Diamond Bar High School