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Hailey Shi Wins Holocaust Art Contest


Friday, March 4, sophomore Hailey Shi won 1st place in the annual Holocaust and Writing Contest held at Chapman University.


Hailey is a remarkable young woman who is extraordinarily artistically talented.  She previously won the Holocaust Art and Writing Contest in the Middle School category when she was in the 8th grade.  Earlier this year she decided she wanted to submit an entry as a high school student.


In order to prepare for the competition, Hailey listened to hours of tape recorded interviews of Holocaust survivors.  She played the recordings in the car as her parents drove her to school and back.  After listening to the horrific memories of a number of survivors, she chose Mr. Sol Liber as the person for whom she dedicated her painting.  Hailey felt a deep emotional connection to the suffering he endured His memories evoked visual imagery that she created in response to his life story. 


The resulting painting is a masterpiece of portraiture, emotional drama, and heart-wrenching imagery.  Hailey is a master at composition, color, and dramatic lighting.  



Annual Holocaust Art and Writing Contest

Engaging and mentoring students in studying the Holocaust and in grappling with its meaning and lessons for today is a vital part of the mission of the Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education.

In partnership with The 1939 Society, one of the largest and most active Holocaust survivor organizations in the United States, and with the support of the Samueli Foundation, Dana and Yossie Hollander and others, the Rodgers Center annually sponsors an art and writing contest for middle and high school students. 

Focusing on themes central both to the Holocaust and to ethical decision making in our world today, the contest gives students from public, private and parochial schools the opportunity to share their creative  works in response to survivors’ oral testimonies.

Representatives and educators from each school attend the awards ceremony where they meet Holocaust survivors.


CLICK LINK to learn more: https://chapman.edu/…/holocaust-art-and-writing-…/index.aspx