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TSA Does Well At State Conference In Bakersfield

March 19 and 20, Our Diamond Bar High Technology Student Association (TSA) had a tremendous showing at the California TSA State Conference in Bakersfield.


TSA is one of the premier national CTSOs in the U.S. and boasts a membership of 230,000 middle and high school students and 4 million alumni that include Mark Zuckerberg and Carrie Underwood. We travelled with 77 students to CSUB where we competed in over 30 events. A number of our students were also elected to state office. And many won awards. Below is a breakdown of all that was accomplished this weekend.

Newly Elected Officers to the CA TSA Board

California TSA Reporter - Valerie Tsao

California TSA Secretary - Ashvini Bhupatiraju

California TSA Vice President - Leslie Sim

California TSA President - Bernard Chen


Award winners from DBHS

Placement is indicated by number


Architectural Renovation

  1. Jennifer Chang, Michael Hermanto, Sandy Pan


Biotechnology Design

  1. Jason Chang, Leslie Sim, Tiffany Wu
  2. Diana Lin, Felix Su, Jasmine Huang, William Shao, Brian Chang


Career Preparation

  1. Robert Coventry
  2. Alvin Lee


Chapter Team

  1. Alex Xie
  2. Armaan Kohli
  3. Austin Chiang


Children’s Stories

  1. Jennifer Chang, Michelle Chang, Sandy Pan
  2. Kevin Lew, Priscilla Chang, Valerie Tsao
  3. Julia Chen, Samuel Chiang, Yusheng Xia


Debating Technological Issues

  1. Armaan Kohli, Shana Roan


Desktop Publishing

  1. Forest Lam, Diamond Bar High School
  2. Bernard Chen, Diamond Bar High School
  3. Frank Jiang, Diamond Bar High School


Digital Video Production

  1. Christen Schlag, Emily Zhang, Jennifer Wu, Lauren Kashiwabara,

Mikaela Pham, Mitra Baskarapandian

  1. Amy Xia, Ashvini Bhupatiraju, Britney Shaw, Sophia Kim
  2. Aishwarya Rane, Hamzah Daud, Jason Zhao, Kenneth Chen


Dragster Design

  1. Jacqueline Chen, Diamond Bar High School
  2. Parker Chu, Diamond Bar High School


Engineering Design

  1. Frank Jiang, Philip Park, Phillip Gunadi, Priscilla Chang, Valerie Tsao
  2. Ashley Pang, Shirlyne Ong, Vincent Lieng


Essays on Technology

  1. Sabrina Tseng, Diamond Bar High School


Extemporaneous Speech

  1. Thomas Chang, Diamond Bar High School


Fashion Design

  1. Ethan Chu, Iris Hsu, Karyn How, Diamond Bar High School


Flight Endurance

  1. Kenneth Chew, Diamond Bar High School


Future Technology Teacher

  1. Betty Kim, Diamond Bar High School


Manufacturing Prototype

  1. Alex Xie, Armaan Kohli, Austin Chiang, Austin Zhang, Michelle Chang,

Sandy Pan, Diamond Bar High School


Music Production

  1. Christen Schlag, Darin Chang, Jennifer Wu, Kenneth Chen,

Lauren Kashiwabara, Parker Chu,

  1. Aimee Shao, Felix Su, Frank Jiang, Irene Chang, Valerie Tsao


Photographic Technology

  1. Mikaela Pham, Diamond Bar High School
  2. Aishwarya Rane, Diamond Bar High School

Prepared Presentation

  1. Michael Hermanto, Diamond Bar High School
  2. Niraj Ganesh, Diamond Bar High School


Promotional Graphics

  1. Hamza Daud, Diamond Bar High School
  2. Christine Zhou, Diamond Bar High School



  1. Ashvini Bhupatiraju, Sherry Mao, Diamond Bar High School


Technical Sketching and Application

  1. Alvin Lee, Diamond Bar High School


Technology Bowl

  1. Sumer Kohli, Alexander Young, Kaushik Shivakumar, Diamond Bar High


  1. Christen Schlag, Irene Chang, Jennifer Wu, Diamond Bar High School

Technology Problem Solving


Transportation Modeling

  1. Parker Chu, Diamond Bar High School


  1. Alan Zhang, Arman Shah, Christine Zhou, Jason Zhao, Kenneth Chen,

Diamond Bar High School

  1. Benjamin Hu, Brian Ho, Kevin Liang, Michael Hermanto, Aimee Shao,

Diamond Bar High School

  1. Eric Jia, Irene Chang, Sabrina Tseng, William He, Diamond Bar High



Chapter Award – Sweepstakes (All around champions!)


TSA in California was founded by DBHS students and is currently managed by DBHS Alum Nicole Chen and former DBHS teacher (and Alum) Carly Gordon (Russo). Both worked tirelessly this weekend and in the months before to make sure our students had an incredible experience.

DBHS TSA is a student centered organization. The success of this group is due to the efforts of the students and the support of their parents, the administration and the staff here at Diamond Bar High School.